I hope they’ve put their best detective on the case!

Welcome to Trump’s America, where bigots can run over kids on the sidewalk.

The girl was walking to Indian Hills Junior High when a vehicle drove onto the sidewalk, ran over her and left the scene, the release said. Officials say the girl was able to return to school one week after the incident, according to CNN affiliate WOI-TV.

During her interview with detectives, Poole Franklin, a Des Moines resident, said she was the driver and intentionally struck the girl because she “was a Mexican,” police said. Poole Franklin then “made a series of derogatory statements about Latinos,” police said.

I’m glad the girl is physically OK now, but you have to wonder how safe she’s going to feel about using public sidewalks from now on.

There’s still one thorny question to resolve, a difficult problem that will require bringing in a Hercule Poirot to puzzle out.

Authorities are looking at whether Poole Franklin running the girl over was a hate crime, Clive Police Chief Michael G. Venema said during a news conference.

Oooh, that’s a difficult one.


  1. jrkrideau says

    Hercule Poirot would be foreigner with an accent. He, probably would need bodyguards.

    but you have to wonder how safe she’s going to feel about using public sidewalks from now on.

    Or to extend that, how safe are a lot of students going to feel? Or just about anyone who is not blond/e.

  2. says

    Poole Franklin, a Des Moines resident, said she was the driver and intentionally struck the girl because she “was a Mexican,”

    “I’m from Iowa and I vote.”
    Fuck America.

  3. wzrd1 says

    It’s a hard case to prove, what with her voluntary explanation that she willfully and intentionally drove up onto a sidewalk with the intent of running her over, “because she’s Mexican”.
    After all, we have no evidence of intent, other than her sworn statement, happily volunteered after being Mirandized.
    And her actions in a mini-mart was also not telling, less than 90 minutes after, dropping the N-bomb at customers, while demanding that the other minority customers pump her fuel for her, as well as the, per her witnessed and recorded words, the clerk, identified by her as a Sand N-bomb should pump her fuel, while she opened food packages and dumped them all over the store, throwing food containers at other customers and the clerk. Obviously, she was intentionally setting up a mental status defense, pretending to be an asshole.
    Not realizing, we neither protect or treat people for being a willing asshole, but we will prosecute people for asshole behavior that causes property damage, injury to others or death.

  4. says

    @#4: I don’t think being an asshole is a psychiatric diagnosis, nor do I think she was merely pretending to be an asshole. However, she may well be mentally ill and I expect that’s why the police are being reticent about this. Likely the judge will order a psych eval.

  5. lakitha tolbert says

    I thought maybe they’re weighing the different types of charges to be levied against her, vs. hate crimes charges. Well, that’s the benefit of the doubt I was giving rather than them trying to think of ways to lighten her sentencing.

  6. says

    Whispers to self Don’t read the comments… Don’t read the comments… Don’t read the comments…

    Waiting till darkness is easier! Helps having large custom tractor supply bumper on those big Iowa farm trucks !

    Burn the commie govts hate crime dictionary. We have freedom of speech and can say what we please about anyone or anything


  7. leerudolph says


    Apparently so that you could repost a small selection for us. Thanks, I guess.

  8. says

    @#2, Marcus Ranum:

    Yes. And it’s clearly very important that Iowa be one of the first states to hold a Democratic primary to decide which candidates have enough support to continue their campaigns. And then a bunch of Southern red states which will never, ever go Democratic in the Electoral College, so that we can ensure that being the most popular candidate in a state the party will lose is an important criterion for selecting who goes on the ballot.

  9. jrkrideau says

    @ 3 Marces

    It takes good pedestrians with guns to protect pedestrians against horrible people in cars, apparently.
    best argument for carrying guns I have heard outside of the Norwegian;n one about polar bears.

    As a fairly dedicated cyclist I must assume that all car drivers are deaf, legally blind, and psychotic so shooting whenever a car comes within 20 metres seems like a good idea.

  10. Robert Serrano says

    Because you’re hoping against hope that it will be the comment thread that makes you not want to hate huge swaths of humanity?
    I’ve pretty much abandoned that bit of idealism, these days.

  11. patricklinnen says

    I love the good cheer and good-will to everybody around Xmas.

    Wait, this never existed? /s

    Honestly, the next buddy movie should consist of the pre-redemption Grinch and Scrooge teaming up waving middle fingers to all the mundanes and screaming “We had it perfectly correct, you losers! Christmas cheer is for the people with money! Now give me my BB-gun so I can target people that don’t look like me!” [looks at watch … expects this in two years]

  12. gijoel says

    Silly Professor, only brown people commit hate crimes. She’s clearly got mental health issues due to being too white. /s

  13. Rowan vet-tech says

    A dark part of me has always wondered if this was the same thought process s what went through the mind of the old white man from Texas who also drive onto the sidewalk and killed my cousin and a tourist from Italy while they were walking in Colorado.
    My cousin was half Japanese and often mistaken for being Hispanic.

  14. chrislawson says


    She’s already been charged with attempted murder. The police should have added the hate crime charges as her statement clearly and unequivocally states her motive as race hatred. If there is any doubt about her mental capacity, that will be the subject of a psychiatric evaluation that has no bearing whatsoever on the nature of the original charges.

    I understand that the police have indicated they will raise the issue of hate crime with the prosecutors, and perhaps there is some particular procedural issue to Iowa, but I fail to see why the police would charge her with one crime, but need prosecutorial approval to add the hate crime. Especially as hate crime seems easier to prove than attempted murder given the quotes provided.

  15. lochaber says

    And I just recently read a news article that’s claiming she also ran over a young black boy earlier that day.

    What is it with right-wing bigots using vehicles as weapons?

  16. blf says

    Iochaber@19, The only article I’ve found (keeping in mind there’s only minimum staffing at relevant news organisations at the moment) on that previous car-attack incident does not indicate anything at all about the young boy’s appearance. In addition, there was another incident (not involving a car) where a shop clerk and other customers were yelled at with a “racial epithets”, which is suggestive about how she sees some of those people. (Again, the article doesn’t say anything definite about the people’s appearance.) The article, Iowa woman accused in racist attack is charged in 2nd hit-and-run, does provide some insight into why the police have not charged the lady with a hate crime (for the incident in the OP):

    In the latest charge, [Nicole] Franklin was accused of leaving a roadway, traveling onto a sidewalk and hitting a 12-year-old boy in an apartment complex in Des Moines. The boy suffered minor injuries.


    Separately, Franklin was charged Sunday with assault in violation of individual rights and with operating under the influence, second offense. Those charges came after Franklin allegedly went to a convenience store where she threw items at a clerk and directed racial epithets at him and customers.


    On Sunday, Domingo Garcia, national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, called for a hate crime charge against Franklin in the attack on [Natalia] Miranda.

    Joe Henry, who is president of the group’s Des Moines branch, echoed Garcia’s call and told The Des Moines Register that it would be wrong if prosecutors did not charge her with a hate crime.


    Polk County Attorney John Sarcone said a hate crime charge enhances other charges, such as arson and assault, but doesn’t apply to attempted murder.

    “It may sound nice, but it doesn’t help anything,” Sarcone said. “When it’s appropriate to enhance, we’ll do it.”