Minor accomplishments!

Minor, but I intend to celebrate them.

  • I gave the students a pop quiz Friday, and got it graded by Saturday! In fact, I am completely caught up in grading for the first time this semester.
  • I got an exam written for Monday delivery! I could look on the dark side of that, in that it means I’m only caught up until tomorrow, but I’m going to pretend that writing a new and original exam is a good thing.
  • The temperature in my office is currently around 33°C, which is miserable and made getting the work done harder, but I finished anyway. On the bright side, my sweat glands work!
  • I revamped a lot of things for FtB, with some more on the way, and all the other bloggers here are happily tearing through old applications, saying yes or no. I guess I was the bottleneck holding everyone back. But I’m not anymore!
  • This is going to be a short week since there’s some sort of holiday on Thursday. We’re planning to bring my oldest little boy, Alaric, home for a day. We’ll probably continue our tradition of putting up the Atheist Tree while he’s here, preparing for Atheistmas next month.

I guess that’s four good things with one in the works. It counts!


  1. birgerjohansson says

    Only 33°C ? You need to crank it up higher if you are to deal with the Thuglican Party that wants to wreck biology education. Hint: “Inca Indians” + “molten gold”. (evil laughter)

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    I prefer to celebrate Akira Get’s A Ham Dinner and Presents Day on December 25, myself.

  3. brightmoon says

    Yeah you atheists need some holidays . How about Earth Day, the solstices and equinoxes for a start . Maybe the fundies in the USA will realize they can’t pretend you don’t exist even though this isn’t a Christian country . Besides y’all call out the fundies on their worst excesses and I’d rather y’all be around than their ignorance , misogyny and homophobia