It’s long overdue, but we’re in the midst of cleaning up some of the chaos in the management of Freethoughtblogs. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean firing the CEO with a hefty golden parachute so he can retire to his mansion, but we are reopening the application process, which has been neglected for a long long time.

One of the reasons for the neglect, besides the CEO’s laziness, is that we changed a significant bit of how we operate: NO ADS, therefore NO FUNDING, therefore our bloggers don’t get paid anymore, unless they work out independent sources of income (Patreon, for instance). We’re also facing a SLAPP suit…but don’t let that scare you, our bloggers aren’t subject to that, just me, personally. We do provide a space to write, and of course, the dubious benefits of associating with a rabid mob of SJWs.

If you applied to blog here in the last two years, you don’t have to resubmit, we’ve still got it on file, and we’re just now in the process of injecting the sluggish beast of our review machinery with potent drugs to stimulate it back into life.

There may be a few other projects that rouse themselves to shamble onto the stage in the near future, since there are also a few other developments, to be announced later.


  1. Bruce Fuentes says

    The only punishment suited for the lazy CEO is to guarantee he cannot quit. Make him work even harder for no pay.

  2. says

    This sounds interesting. Now I’m thinking about applying.

    What are the rules for applying?
    Are bloggers expected to publish on a daily basis or is one or two posts per week fine? Publishing on a daily basis would be pretty much a full time job in terms of time investment, and that’s something I cannot do for free.
    Are there topics a blogger is supposed to or not allowed to write about?
    What are the rules about duplicate content? My own website is That’s an artist’s website, so I was thinking that there I should mostly write about art; I could write about other topics here, but I probably would still want to post some posts both in a blog here and also in my website.

  3. says

    Good questions. I’ve added a little more explanation to the about page.

    As for duplicating your own content…no problem. For a long time I was duplicating everything I posted on Scienceblogs here.

  4. says

    While you are at it you might want to trip some of the dead wood off current list of blogs. There are some on there that haven’t posted since fish.