Cheese it, they’re on to us!

Uh-oh. Kerry Roberts has noticed.

A Republican Tennessee lawmaker says he supports getting rid of higher education because he argues it would cut off the “liberal breeding ground.”

Sen. Kerry Roberts of Springfield called for eliminating higher education while speaking about attending a recent abortion legislative hearing on his conservative radio talk show on Sept. 2.

Roberts specifically called out one activist who testified in favor of protecting abortion rights. He asserted without evidence that the woman’s beliefs were a “product of higher education” and claimed that getting rid of higher education would “save America.”

Yep, he’s right. The kind of conservativism he thinks would “save America” can only thrive in ignorance, so getting rid of education would lead to fewer liberals and progressives, fewer ideas, less progress, more stupidity. If that’s what you want, his formula would actually work!


  1. quotetheunquote says

    I’ll just note that M. Atwood’s The Testaments just had its (official) release yesterday. Sounds like someone read it as an inspirational text, rather than a satire…

  2. offthewall says

    Burn the books, too, except the Bible. Combine the ashes with sackcloth. Or is that too Catholic? Or too Jewish?

  3. Larry says

    It was only a matter of time. The pugs have been dog whistling this for years but they were all too cowardly to come right out and say it. Until now. And he’s already walked it back with the usual “I was only joking”. Yeah, right.

    Ignore the fact this putz has a college degree.

  4. mastmaker says

    oh, the irony! The self-proclaimed staunch anti-communist anti-left vermins are borrowing the talking points and agenda of Mao and Pol Pot!

  5. F.O. says

    oh, the irony! The self-proclaimed staunch anti-communist anti-left vermins are borrowing the talking points and agenda of Mao and Pol Pot!

    The Nazi and the Ruski have been already rehabilitated by the right, do you realize that your joke might not be that much of a joke?

  6. raven says

    That would be the end of the USA as a First World nation much less as a world leader in anything but ignorance.
    We would descend to a Third World nation while the rest of the world including the EU, Russia, China, Africa, South America etc.. pass us by.

    In the last century, US per capital incomes increased 6-fold. 85% of that increase was due to advances in…science.
    In the last century, US average lifespans increased thirty years, from 47 to 77. That was due to advances in science and medicine.
    In the last century, all Kerry Roberts’s religion did was get in the way a lot, promote xian terrorism, and bomb family planning clinics and assassinate MD’s.

  7. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    nothing new.
    Conservatives have always wanted people to depend only on what their elders teach them at home. Libraries,newspapers, radio, TV, outside information of any kind were always the anathema to them. Hasn’t “college” always been a disparagement for a young adult leaving home to “expand their mind” ? [scare quotes deliberate]
    who coined the aphorism ignorance is bliss? I wonder.

  8. mastmaker says

    @5. Sorry. That was not a joke. That was just an observation of the irony of the thing. It boggles my mind that the ‘leaders’ of the country that contributed the most to science & technology in the last century are even considering such a thing.

  9. unclefrogy says

    I ain’t laughin’
    I have always heard that the political right and the political left kind of blended into each other at the extremes so as to resemble a circle more then a line.
    as has been pointed out here it turns out to be correct, they embrace destruction and are anti-democratic to the core.
    uncle frogy

  10. robro says

    My question on FB to this bilge sludge was whether that includes Liberty U…Falwell Jr’s cash cow…or schools like my alma mater, a Southern Baptist college (now university) in East Tennessee. My experience at that school in the late 60s was that many of the professors were conservative preachers and most of the students were also conservative. I suspect that was actually at a fairly “liberal” period in the schools history compared to now.

  11. chris says

    Of course, this politician would flunk an economics course. If he closed universities he gutting an entire economy. I can’t imagine why he dismisses hospitals like St. Jude Children’s Hospital and the medical center at Vanderbilt.

  12. blf says

    I can’t imagine why he dismisses hospitals like St. Jude Children’s Hospital and the medical center at Vanderbilt.

    Because they treat (and also have on staff) those icky uppity brown- and blacked-skinned, and furriners (some of whom don’t speak American!)!! And use vaccines!!! And it all costs money which would otherwise be going into his wallet!!1! Plus the FAKE news thinks all that is good!!!!!

  13. whywhywhy says

    Raise your hand if you have ever had a discussion with folks back in the area you grew up that at one point ended with the local saying “Well that is just your education talking!”. If you can’t see me, both of my hands are raised : )

  14. methuseus says

    I can’t be the only one that, growing up Catholic and being told aborting is wrong, said flat out, “well then why not just not get an abortion and just let it stay legal.” That was at the age of around 10, so I really don’t believe I’m the only one to think that

  15. nomdeplume says

    This post and the previous one (on creationists and fire breathing dinosaurs) fit together very well. The dumbing down of the population in all western countries is not an accidental consequence of Religious Right politicians gaining power, but part of the strategy to maintain that rule forever.

  16. wzrd1 says

    Well, hopefully, he’ll lead by example and only use non-college graduate medical and legal guidance.

  17. antigone10 says

    raises hand

    The obvious rejoiner to “That’s just your education talking” is “So you admit it’s just your ignorance talking?”

    And conservatives, strangely, don’t HATE libraries- they just consider them luxuries. You know, they’re for little kid stuff and poor people, not for everyone. They don’t have any value to real, adult Americans.

  18. Ragutis says

    Nothing new. The ignorant, the un or ill-informed, the uneducated are much easier to woo and manipulate. They’ve been doing their damnedest to undermine and corrupt education for decades. Makes it a lot easier to rule the slaves workers.