Classes start next week, but the administrative burdens began today: a two hour division meeting, followed by a one hour discipline meeting, with paperwork to do this afternoon. But first, I’m going to go assess spiders. Fortunately, my diligent student came in while I was locked in a room with a seething mass of academics, and he fed everyone, so I just have to measure mortality for a while. Spider mortality, that is…all of the academics emerged alive, with only a few scars.

Then…keyboard pounding for a while. Then…university-wide social at the horticulture gardens, although I’m bringing my camera and might do more socializing with the spiders while I’m there. Then…last night with my granddaughter, before I have to take her to the airport tomorrow. I’m thinking maybe I can arrange a swap with our cat (don’t tell Skatje).

She’s been learning about finger-painting! She can’t leave now!


  1. jrkrideau says

    all of the academics emerged alive, with only a few scars

    Possibly a pity but you are a small university so it may be not that bad. A Stalinist purge might not have been good.

    Though, this might be something that your Political Science colleagues may want to put to the classes.

  2. blf says

    Poopyhead didn’t say the academics who emerged were all the same ones who entered. Some more of them could now be reptilians. Or, given teh mad perfesser’s current obsession, spiderians (Crank araneaeeeeeeks!).