Why, hello Mrs P. tep!

Today I’ve been prowling around, acting suspicious around my house, still trying to work out this macrophotography thing. I just now found a lovely Parasteatoda doing her business in a nook on the side of my house, so I had to snap a picture. My house has rather orange siding, which accounts for the warm tones of the background.

I caught her in the act of wrapping up her prey. The flies are everywhere today…eat more, ma’am. Many more.

Then I noticed in a little cranny another treasure — she has an egg sac nearby. Sorry to say, I’m going to steal it. More embryos for the development lab!


  1. stroppy says

    I agree. And for postprocessing, there’s enough info there that a simple curves adjustment (to the lightness channel of LAB color) will really bring out some of the spidery goodness lying passively in the shadows.

    (IMO anyway…because I can’t help myself and have to chime in.)

  2. whheydt says

    In regards to macrophotography… More light means smaller aperture means more depth of field.

  3. Matt G says

    P. tep? Isn’t that the movie about zombies and an aging Elvis impersonator?