You missed Convergence?

OK, here’s a cosplay gallery from last weekend.

I recognized a few of the costumes, but that wasn’t what I was into. You know, there’s a heck of a lot going on during a con like this. There was the costume pageantry, the mainstage stuff. I wasn’t into that. There were the musical performances; not my thing. There was board gaming. No, pass. There was video gaming. Completely missed it. There were SF & horror movies playing nonstop. Tempted, but I didn’t feel like sitting down for a few hours. There were anime sessions, which again, I am not into. There were interactive kid demos. Nah, I’m too old. I missed 90% of the con.

I did get into a whole lot of panel discussions, though. That alone kept me busy for four days.

It’s a diverse bunch there — you might find something to entertain you there next year.


  1. Kagehi says

    Hmm. 4th one in is Ladybug, Kitsune and Bumblebee from the French anime, “Lady Bug and Cat Noir.” Same company that made Code Lyoko. Just hope they don’t pull the same thing they did with that series and fail to release and English version of a live action second series (which, due to all the location restriction crap you can’t watch here, even if you are trying to watch the fan made, but with original voices apparently, translation.)

    Imagine if they pulled this “region coding” nonsense on books… “Oh, sorry, no one in the US can read Plato any more, that’s region coded for the UE only!” Ugh…

  2. Crudely Wrott says

    As one old fart to another, PZ, I like your style.
    Kostumes are for kids. They deserve to have fun.
    But if you’ve invested dollars and time to go somewhere
    to learn something, the dress-up and cartoons just can’t
    cut the mustard. Lectures for the win! Even if I don’t agree!!