Free speech is in danger, call out the military

Mike Adams, the so-called Health Ranger of Natural News, a cranky wooey conspiracy theory site, has finally been banned by Facebook, after earlier being kicked off Twitter and YouTube. He is so pissed off at his profit stream being pinched that he has called on Trump to invade and take over social media.

Adams, who claims to be a “food scientist,” also published a nearly hour-long rant on the video platform Brighteon complaining about the Facebook suspension and saying that President Donald Trump should use “the military, if necessary, to occupy and dismantle the tech giants.”

“The tech giants are the modern fascists. They are more dangerous than Adolf Hitler in terms of their long term threat to humanity. How many humans will be subjected to genocide? How many humans will be murdered by abortion policies?” Adams asked. “How many children will be killed by vaccines? How many people will be harmed by 5G cell networks or geoengineering of the atmosphere?”

I’m kind of sympathetic to the idea of the big tech companies getting taken down a notch, but not because of the imaginary threat of vaccines or cellular networks or chemtrails or chemotherapy — but because they’ve evolved monopoly power. It’s kind of missing the point of free speech when you call out the army to take over control of media.

But then Mike Adams has always be a gibbering nutcase.


  1. pipefighter says

    They should be public utilities as they are effectively the modern town square. I’m not opposed to seeing Alex Jones or Mike Adams getting deplatformed, but I am worried about the decision being made by a Silicon Valley oligarch without any transparency. Twitter was shutting down accounts critical of Saudi and Israeli policy and there is Saudi money in Twitter. There should be an open and transparent process.

  2. johnson catman says

    Maybe he should stop using all the products produced by those fascist tech giants. That would surely show them!

  3. Larry says

    Well I am happy to hear he is very concerned about people being murdered by our abortion policies. It’s good he is concerned about desperate women forced to visit quack abortionists or to take matters into their own hands trying to self-induce one, all because self-righteous, religious nut jobs need to control women’s bodies by preventing access to safe, sterile clinics and doctors.

    What? You don’t think that is what he meant?

  4. blf says

    Mike “health danger” Adams is entry #1 in the Encyclopedia of American Loons, back in 2010. Since then, the Encyclopedia has become much snarkier — but still reliable — in its entries:

    […] Adams runs the website, one of the most disturbing cesspits of quackery on the net. He is a fierce opponent of science and evidence-based medicine, providing long screeds about the danger of conventional medicine and against skepticism based on confirmation bias, misleading vividness, paranoia and conspiracy theories. He has absolutely no understanding of either science or critical thinking (complete inability to recognize fallacies or bias). He is also a proponent of every imaginable alternative treatment.

    […] Complete loon, flamingly stupid, extremely paranoid, a zealot and a fraud; his influence is probably limited but given just a small base of followers he could wreak some havoc. […]

    Some of the comments and later additions:

    […] He may just be the most insane, confirmation bias- and Dunning-Kruger inflicted idiot in the US (together with Andy Schlafly). […] It’s relatively predictable where you’ll end up when your starting axiom is “everyone who disagrees with the conclusions I reach by wishful thinking must be in a conspiracy against me”.

    I just made the mistake of reading one of Mike Adams’ screeds. Calling him paranoid and whacko would be insulting to people who are paranoid and whacko. Unfortunately free speech has its negative side-effects. Maybe one day he will remember to take his meds.

    [A reply:]

    Mike Adams is a patriot that watch for the well being of others and to preserve our freedom. All of you that make critics about The Health Rangers are a bunch of traitors filo-communists, plain and simple.

    The most hilarious thing about Mike Adams is his bio on Health Ranger. It’s a nutshell version of everything about him. He supposedly was awarded numerous scholarships, but didn’t accept any of them, because he’s too good for college. He supposedly graduated from a university, but an unnamed one with an unnamed degree. Among his “many accomplishments” is being the first person in his elementary school to have a computer, when the teachers didn’t know what a computer was. He was supposedly picked out as being gifted at a very early age, and got the highest score ever on the ACT, which he can’t prove. He doesn’t have a criminal record (wow). The entire bio is a self I aggrandizing stream of unverifiable bragging far too outlandish to be remotely true, interspersed with downright weirdness such as mentioning he’s never been charged with a crime. He’s a full throttle pathological narcissist, and his bio exhibits just how far his head is up his own keester. He thinks he can say anything and that makes it true. If you decide to read it, don’t be drinking anything. The delusion is so hilarious, whatever you’re drinking will come out your nose. Nothing he claims can be fact checked, but that’s what fakes do. His bio proves what a phony bat shit crazy narcissist he really is. […]

    He’s not only a 9/11 truther , but a die hard birther

  5. says

    Weren’t we just talking about Godwin’s Law in the Detroit nazi thread? THIS is Godwin’s Law.

    And Geoengineering of the atmosphere? WTF is he even talking about? It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything about him, but it sounds like the deep end he’s been diving off of has gotten deeper.

  6. says

    Is fighting for free speech one of those things like fucking for virginity?
    Because (per Howard Zinn) war is one of the greatest violations of rights, and our ability to speak, that we can imagine.

  7. imback says

    @drlsky #6, geoengineering of the atmosphere is really a potential thing.
    The most common proposal is to dump lots of sulfates in the stratosphere to reduce sunshine and thus moderate global warming. Rather than such radical responses, reducing our carbon pollution should be our main mitigation effort, I say. I quite doubt though that Adams uses this reasoning to be against geoengineering.

  8. Robert Serrano says

    So, let me get this straight. Mike Adams gets banned from one social media platform, and goes to his own media platform to whine about it.
    I don’t know, seems to be a problem with a relatively trivial solution. If you get kicked off one platform, find or make another one.

  9. blf says

    colinday@10, Yes, albeit it’s important to point out the dates of the entries since they are rarely updated. On that point, teh health danger has been cranking for a long time, since before 2010; e.g., was registered in 2005, and my understanding is the loon had woo-woo / crank site(s?) before that (e.g., apparently, which still exists and was registered in 1996).

  10. pilgham says

    Daily Beast ran an appalling pice on Adams and how he is a, well, He’s an appalling piece. This was June 8th, 2019

    I was also struck by his quote ” How many humans will be subjected to genocide? How many humans will be murdered by abortion policies? How many children will be killed by vaccines? How many people will be harmed by 5G cell networks or geoengineering of the atmosphere?”

    It’s a carefully constructed fire hose of crap. Firstly, all the claims overlap. The genocide claim, does he refer to abortion? Or unwanted pregnancy? Or vaccines? Or cell phones? And everything is qualified. Not 5G, but “5G cell networks”. What’s the difference? One’s harmless, but what about the other? Not murdered by abortion, but by “abortion policies”. What does that mean? Quotes like that indicate people who should be ignored, at the very least.

  11. Reginald Selkirk says

    They are more dangerous than Adolf Hitler in terms of their long term threat to humanity.

    I think I’d be willing to concede that point, on the grounds that Adolf Hitler is dead.

  12. Hoosier X says

    I wonder about the sincerity and the sanity of people who are under the impression that the worst thing the Nazis did was close down a handful of the worst right-wing hate-speech providers.

  13. says

    Raw Story had an article about Adams latest nonsense a couple of days ago that I thought had a bit of “It was okay for Adams to be a crank before he was supporting Trump” tone to it.

  14. Ichthyic says

    I don’t know, seems to be a problem with a relatively trivial solution.

    not so trivial revenue streams though.

    he’s made hundreds of MILLIONS from pushing woo through his natural news brand.

    in fact, he could damn well hire his own mercenary army if he wanted to. He should have a talk with DeVos’ brother, Erik. I’m sure the founder of Blackwater would be happy to listen to his rants, if the price is right.

  15. wzrd1 says

    Oddly, DHS reported, the military is doing an already critical role – painting the few mile or sub-mile sections.

  16. quotetheunquote says

    @richardelguru #20

    “You can have my spanakopita when you pry it from my cold, greasy fingers…”

  17. blf says

    richardelguru@20, Hah, I hadn’t noticed that. Some (admittedly quick) searching suggests the commentator meant filocomunista, which is an Italian (and apparently also Spanish) term for “communist sympathizer”, which would broadly fit in with that reply. (The search also suggests some English-language academic(?) writing also uses filo-communist with that meaning.)

  18. ColeYote says

    And then Donald Trump responded to this request by going non an incoherent ramble about the EU suing US companies for unpaid taxes.