Now I’m terrified of 2019

This comic is funny and true.

Except…you get to the end and you realize it’s from last year. And you think, “Oh my god, what about 2019? That’s in less than a month. WHAT FRESH HELL AWAITS US?” And it stops being funny and instead you’re thinking about crawling under your desk and whimpering.


  1. davidnangle says

    There will be lots of Schadenfreude in the upcoming months. We will all get to see our political masters squirming like hooked worms under Congressional and FBI probing. The damage to our country will be decades to repair, and the damage to our environment and biosphere is probably irreversible, but at least we can watch and enjoy a small amount of justice.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    I found at least one case of things getting better. This lady is still going strong at 90.
    “They Called Her “the Che Guevara of Abortion Reformers”
    Also, today the courts in Sweden confirmed the prison sentence for a guy in the top of the culture hierarchy (closely associated with the Swedish Academy) that was found guilty of two rapes (there are many more women that have accused him of various forms of sexual misconduct).
    The court actually believed the woman who told the story of two rapes that occurred years before, because she was found credible. Often, you see a court throw out a case if it is without foremnsic evidence or witnesses.

  3. Akira MacKenzie says

    For me, 2019 is represented by a barren, blasted husk of a planet where the only sounds you’d hear through the toxic air are the mad shrieking of daemon pipes and the mocking laughter of long forgotten gods, risen from aeons of slumber.

  4. KG says

    Well in the YooKay, 2019 is scheduled to be the year when we regain our long-lost freedom, and go on to reconquer the Empire, including those rebellious colonies across the Atlantic – for their own good, naturally. So get ready, you self-styled “Americans”, to bow the knee to your rightful liege-lady, Elizabeth II, by the Grace of Gawd Queen of just about everywhere.

    That is, once we’ve sorted out a few minor details, such as where our supplies of food and medicines are going to come from once we can no longer get them from Yurp.

  5. davidnangle says

    #4, Akira, and it’ll all be blamed on the new Democratic president, before inauguration day.

  6. Jazzlet says

    I’m just hoping the Tories don’t fuck up Brexit so badly that I don’t get my nerve blockers and pain controllers. Anything else will be a bonus, which is selfish, but there we are.

  7. Akira MacKenzie says

    davidnangle @ 7

    Yes, even as Mitch McConnell tries to hide a copy of The Book of Eibon behind his back.

  8. unclefrogy says

    going forward the main thing I want to know is are we a country ruled by law or ruled by men? as of this date it has not been answered clearly enough to make me feel reassured .
    uncle frogy

  9. says

    2019, the year that Australia finally sheds its far right government. Your turn is in 2020, just don’t fluff it up. Or emigrate to Mexico, apparently decriminalizing marijuana is firmly on the agenda..

  10. Ragutis says

    My prognostications for 2019?

    The good: Trump removed from office.

    The bad: President Pence (I can’t remember a VP keeping such a low profile and distance from the POTUS. Pretty sure he’s been making sure his ass is covered as best he can since inauguration day knowing damn well his idiot boss will self-destruct and go down in flames sooner or later.)

  11. microraptor says

    I’m legitimately terrified of what sort of violence we could see across the country if Dump gets impeached and removed from office.

  12. Rich Woods says

    @microraptor #19:

    If he’s impeached and indicted for treason then most of his supporters will turn on him, just as long as Fox News turns on him. There’ll still be a number of Alex Jones fans who’ll froth at the Deep State plot to frame and depose their righteous saviour, but if you’re lucky you’ll get away with only a handful of loons machine-gunning their local FBI field office.

  13. jack16 says

    Is it likely that there are powerful people who aspire to the extinction of the human race as a glorious finale to their own existence?\