Traps are so manly

I love this video — it speaks the truth.

Although, I have to confess, the bit at the end is a manly punch to the gut, because it’s too true — I never told my father I loved him, and he never said it to me, not because we didn’t, but because Real Men don’t talk about it. I’m not a particularly macho kind of guy, but this poison has affected even me.

I blame the voice of Pappy Jack, and I’m gonna beat him up if I ever meet him.


  1. Ed Seedhouse says

    I did tell my dad I loved him. But he was on his deathbed at the time. I also told him I forgave his sins and it seemed to comfort him.

  2. kebil says

    …and after he says he never loved his dad, he looks upstairs, to where dad is sitting in the living room, and shouts “I love you Dad… …and by the way, can you tell Mom to make me a cosmo”