…too much education fogs the mind up too much…

Three Australian women in 1961 ponder the question, “Is education a waste of time for married women?”

I like how even the woman arguing for the utility of education explains how modern women can get all their household chores done in the morning, leaving them free for the afternoon, until the children get home. She still has a few shackles to break, I think.


  1. says

    I seem to remember that question coming up in high school.

    That would have been around 1956, and in Australia.

    Our high school class did not take it at all seriously.

  2. ridana says

    I suspect the woman on the right spent a lot of her time with “mother’s little helper,” a la the Stones. She wanted women to stay at home alone all the time, with the kids after school, whom she advocated basically setting down in front of the tv (watching whatever the broadcasters chose to air) and ignoring, ideally with no homework to help them with, or else sending them off to the library to read. She painted a picture of a woman at home all the time for 20 years with nothing to do but housework, not even rearing children.

    If I heard her correctly, she had been a kindergarten teacher? It seemed like she probably quit that because having to give so many tests was just too hands-on for her. I’m curious as to what became of her after the interview.

    As usual, the YT comments are horrifying…

  3. leerudolph says

    Here’s Judy Small singing her 1983 anti-war song Mothers, Daughters, Wives, set (by another hand) against a montage of (perhaps Australian?) still photos. Here’s the last chorus, with her extra line at the end:

    The first time it was fathers, the last time it was sons,
    And in between your husbands marched away with drums and guns.
    And you never stopped to question, you just went on with your lives,
    For all they’d taught you who to be was mothers, daughters, wives,
    And you believed them.

    I just learned last month from Wikipedia that “Judy Small retired from full-time performance in 1998. She became a family lawyer in Melbourne working for Victoria Legal Aid, but continued to write new songs and to perform regularly. In March 2013, she was appointed to a position with the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia, and retired fully from performing.” An Aussie social justice warrior in word and deed.