Hannah Gadsby

Have you watched Hannah Gadsby: Nanette on Netflix yet? Go. Now. It’s not just a comedy show. It’s possibly the rawest performance I’ve ever seen. The last half hour in particular is a series of gut punches.


  1. gjpetch says

    Agreed, it’s stunningly good. Her comedy has been amusing and enjoyable for years, but this reaches such a different level.

  2. silverfeather says

    I shared Nanette with everybody close to me. I can’t call it a comedy show – comedy is just the thing she wrapped it in.
    It blew my doors off.

  3. Skeletaldropkick says

    Thank you for promoting this. I was stunned by her speech as well. She is someone to reckon with. I am so glad her voice is being heard.

  4. arbor says

    Watching her was extraordinary. I’ve been thinking about what she said every day since. At first, I thought she was a bit awkward but a very enjoyable comedian. Then there were glimpses of steel. I was unprepared for the direction she took. Her strength of character, insights, and utter honesty are… awesome and life-changing. I have never seen anyone shape an audiences’ experience with such mastery. Watch her.

  5. rietpluim says

    That was awesome! I hope when Gadsby stops doing comedy she’ll continue doing what she did in that show.

  6. wolja says

    Thanks for reminding me to watch this. It was strong, well crafted and awesome.

    No doubt the trolls are in full attack mode proving her point.

  7. rietpluim says

    No doubt the trolls are in full attack mode proving her point.

    Yeah, Lewis’ Law is in full operation.
    How anyone can hear her and not understand is impossible to grab.

  8. says

    I can’t remember ever crying while watching – and especially listening – a comedy set. What an amazing experience, brilliance beyond comprehension.