Hate doesn’t necessarily win elections

Some of you may have seen this awful video that was making the rounds a while back.

In May, Jazmina Saavedra streamed video of herself harassing a transgender woman in a Denny’s bathroom. For half an hour, Saavedra paced in the restaurant, shouted at the transgender woman through the stall wall, and laughed with a friend about how she carries a stun gun and pepper spray for situations like that.

“So, that guy is violating my right to use the ladies’ room here, and he’s saying he’s a lady! Stupid guy,” Saavedra said in the video, which Facebook removed.

The most appalling thing about it was Saavedra’s smugness: she was full of sanctimonious and self-righteousness as she harrassed this poor woman who was just trying to use the bathroom, and she also made unsupported accusations that she was a drug user. And the thing of it is, Saavedra was the one who posted the video of her own disgraceful behavior! She was proud of it!

She was also a Republican political candidate at the time. Good news: She lost the election in a landslide. We need more happy results like that.


  1. says

    That video is basically distilled “why so many trans people avoid going out in public, staying closeted and miserable for decades, and commit suicide at absurdly high rates compared to the general population.”

  2. emergence says

    I don’t get how people like this think it’s okay to just lie about people they don’t like being drug addicts or whatever.