How to Logic

I am amused. This preacher gives everyone a lesson in Logic.

It’s amazing. I don’t like to get on the subject of evolution with atheists because they just freak out. They’re like, “Oh my! I can’t believe you don’t believe in evolution!” Why would I? It’s stupid. You have to actually defy science. “Oh, it’s scientific.” Well what about this? “I never thought of that. It’d really never even crossed my mind.”

Except he never tells us what the this is. Then he tells us that evolutionists are not taught to logic, not taught to reason. Then he thanks God he was in a home where [he] at least got taught to Logic.

Which immediately leads to a demonstration of Christian logic. Watch the whole thing. It’s hilarious.

You know what all these atheists have in common? Go on. You know what it is.

VIDEO GAMES!, he yells.


They drink COKE ALL DAY!

And that’s why evolution is false. LOGIC!


  1. cartomancer says

    Perhaps next time you’re looking for videos about what your colonoscopy will entail you will know to google something other than ARSE + FACTS…

  2. says

    They drink COKE ALL DAY!

    The last coke I had was about 20 years ago, and that’s because I didn’t have a drinks choice. So much for logick.

  3. cartomancer says

    That said, I have spent the morning drinking coke and playing video games, and I thoroughly intend to continue for the rest of the day. I might even drag myself to do a logick later on, or even make some thinkings.

  4. DonDueed says

    He’s only 22. There’s still hope he’ll wise up, like Marjoe did.

    On the other hand, his current gig is easy money. It’ll be a hard habit to break.

  5. says

    I’m not going to go look, but it feels like that’s his dad sitting there, and Sonny is giving his first or second sermon, and trying to score points by showing that HE came from a household where the kids were by god taught how to LOGIC and none of this satanic COCA-COLA junk, which only leads to Mountain Dew.

  6. rietpluim says

    I don’t like to get on the subject of evolution with atheists because they just freak out. They’re like, “Oh my! I can’t believe you don’t believe in evolution!”
    Does anybody know an example of an actual atheist freaking out when meeting someone who does not believe in evolution?

    I say the only person freaking out is he.

  7. davidnangle says

    What an epic rage quit! Just chill out and move onto another game, dude.

  8. blf says

    ● I don’t (routinely) game, albeit I try a few now-and-then (sometimes with annoying results).
    ● I cannot stand Horrid fecking Pea.
    ● I hate coke even moar.
    Therefore, I know a certain penguin, deranged, mildly.

    That’s this Logic in action for really reals !

  9. says

    rietpluim @11:
    Here is the template for how they (not just in the evolution arena, but this applies to rightwingers in general) believe any arguments must and do go between them and any random snotty unbeliever. (Caution: viewing link gives page hits to Jack T. Chick organization.)

    They always believe that they are the calm, respectful believer quietly delivering measured facts to the increasingly choleric college prof. They believe this when they are replying with irrelevant memes of the racist frog. They believe this when their evidence consists of a single name and two numbers separated by a colon. They believe this when their argument is a series of personal attacks on whoever they’re talking to. They believe it when they are typing in all caps with three or more exclamation points after every sentence fragment.

    They just believe, just as they believe that the person on the other side, who is typing complete sentences consisting of verifiable evidence without even characterizing the other party, must be jumping up and down and pounding his keyboard in rage as his face turns red and his bow tie is whirling furiously as steam hisses audibly from his ears.

    It’s the template. It’s what they know is going on, because faith is the belief in things not seen, and the more they can believe in the least evidence, the more faithful they seem to be. That’s my theory, anyway.

  10. lumipuna says

    Does anybody know an example of an actual atheist freaking out when meeting someone who does not believe in evolution?

    I think many people, atheist or just generally reality based, have been baffled with bullshit by some budget Duane Gish, leaving them wordless and visibly uncomfortable.

  11. microraptor says

    @11: When I was young, I once had a freakout over how bad someone’s LOGIC was when they were trying to claim that evolution wasn’t real. Of course, I’m autistic and have a tendency to freak out on bad days to begin with.

  12. anthrosciguy says

    While he was learned no how to logic, maybe he should’ve learned how to grammar.

  13. Khantron, the alien that only loves says

    Creationists wouldn’t make me freak out. Sure, they’ll lie to my face and that’s not comfortable but at least their lies aren’t about the genetic inferiority of black people (for the most part). It’s almost refreshing.

  14. Holms says

    “VIDEO GAMES!”, he yells.


    “They drink COKE ALL DAY!”

    I’m pretty certain this chuch has a congregation with an average age of about 60.

  15. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    The whole point of atheism is to acknowledge one doesn’t have the answer to every question off-hand. “Gotcha questions” don’t prove you are correct only because you claim “the answer” is in that relic of a document you call “THE Bible”.
    “Never thought about that” is not acknowledgement of being wrong, only an honest statement of a lack. Saying “what about THIS”, referring to an event in that book, is not really an honest question at all.

    as mentioned previously, “he keeps using that word, logic, I don’t think he’s using it correctly”. ( respectfully, Inago Montoya)

  16. cartomancer says

    Still gulping down that sweet, sweet coke and playing Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines on Steam! I even had a look at the Harry Potter wikipedia page an hour or two ago, just to complete the set.

    Funnily enough I still think this guy is a moron. Who’d have thought it?

  17. emergence says

    First of all, plenty of gamers are Christians. Most Christians who play video games probably aren’t crazy fundamentalists who fear everything outside of their tiny cultural bubble, but that doesn’t make them atheists.

    Second, Harry Potter was written by a Christian, and plenty of other Christians like the books too. Again, Christian =/= crazy fundamentalist.

    Third, I think almost everyone drinks coke in the US.

    As for his claim about evolution not being scientific, I imagine he’s using one of several hackneyed old creationist arguments based on complete ignorance of how science works:
    – AIG’s bullshit about not being able to deduce events in the past. AIG made this up completely, and its never been a real scientific principle. It actually goes against basic epistemology that has informed science and basic human reasoning for centuries. Pretty much all science relies on indirect observation and calculation.
    – ignorantly claiming that evolutionary biology doesn’t involve any mathematical calculations, when that’s the whole point of population genetics, which is a huge part of evolutionary biology.
    – that argument about thermodynamics that would make it I’m possible for organisms to grow or develop at all if it was true
    – claiming that evolution is unfalsifiable while simultaneously claiming to have found evidence against evolution.

    Even if it isn’t one of these, it’s probably one that we’ve heard before. It’s also always annoying when creationists call evolution “stupid” considering their own idea is that complex life was instantly poofed into existence by magic. That right there is what’s really unscientific.

  18. rietpluim says

    Kip T.W.M
    My theory is that they are liars.
    Though I am a firm believer in Hanlon’s razor, the evidence in creationists’ cases is overwhelming, and I must incline:
    They are liars.

  19. rietpluim says

    BTW Thanks for the link. I wondered where that comic was. I always only find fragments when googling. It is a good example of how “loving” Christians portray us.

  20. Matrim says

    @19, Khantron

    Sure, they’ll lie to my face and that’s not comfortable but at least their lies aren’t about the genetic inferiority of black people (for the most part)

    I once had a coworker seriously tell me that they believed “the white man was divinely created” while “the black man evolved from the monkeys.” So, that was a thing.

  21. emergence says

    Matrim @32

    I’ve been wondering about how big the overlap is between white supremacism and creationism. There are guys I know of like Pat Buchanan, another guy who donated that allosaur fossil to Ken Ham, and certain Christian Identity groups, but I’m wondering if belief in the genetic inferiority of black people and denial of evolution are both common in, say, klansmen or neo-confederates. At the very least, the religious right and the racist right have both sworn allegiance to Trump.

  22. Matrim says

    @33, emergence

    I would be legitimately shocked if the overlap wasn’t pretty high in some regards. Like, there are plenty of right-wing racists who are atheists, so it’s not necessarily an equal overlap, but roughly all of the creationists I’ve been around long enough to know even a little about personally have also been racist. Like, while I’m sure they exist, I’ve never encountered someone who is willing to spout creationist talking points who doesn’t also subscribe to the idea that white people are better in some way.

  23. says

    They could be lying, but it happens constantly in discussions with RWNJs and just plain RWs. They start off with a personal insult, and by the second reply, they’re doing a whole “Hey, calm down, man!” routine on whoever has calmly responded to them. They think they’re that quiet college kid, and are unable to look at their own postings objectively. “You started it!” is an article of faith for them.

    All of the Jack T. Chick tracts are available at the Jack T. Chick website. I was in a mood today and downloaded a half dozen of them, page by page, and made them into PDFs to dip into occasionally. I picked up “Somebody Loves Me,” “Big Daddy?”, “Holy Joe,” “This Was Your Life!”, “Dark Dungeons,” and “The Last Generation.” Chick’s greatest hits, at least in black and white. His virulent anti-Catholic screed, “Alberto,” is a color comic, and you have to pay to see that. I mean, I don’t. I bought a copy in the early 80s when I lived in a small and somewhat backward town in the swamps of Georgia, and most of the book stores were of the ‘Christian’ variety. I wondered if they knew how viciously Chick was slamming the Catholics.

  24. says

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, we (atheists) aren’t his target audience. Boyo has made himself a peg to climb the corporate ladder so he can indulge in the things the old men at the top get away with every day.

  25. garysturgess says

    Seems to me someone that believes in a sky fairy ought to be careful about who he accuses of living in “fantasy land”. I play video games, I’ve read Harry Potter, I even drink Coke (zero) – but I’ve not noticed any great lack of Christians engaging in any or all of those activities.

    But the good news is, from the sound of the “crowd” he’s preaching to maybe half a dozen people that can barely be bothered to give an unenthusiastic sounding cheer.

    I don’t think banning video games is likely to help with recruiting young people. Just saying.

  26. zetopan says

    The actual requirements for becoming a preacher are an unshakable conviction that some pious fairy tales are absolutely “true”. Education and intelligence are not only not required, they are generally considered “tools of the devil” and carefully avoided. Hence the really bigly number of arrogant idiots telling the perpetually perplexed what science “is” (or far more accurately in their case “isn’t”). For these yokels no one should ever believe any scientist when they describe science, instead you should only believe the brain dead preacher version since reality is *way* too scary for them otherwise. The Trump cult is a new religion springing up from the literal dregs of other older forms of sacred superstition.

  27. gijoel says

    His suit looks nice. How long before he’s on TV begging for a private jet.

  28. rietpluim says

    The first time I met a young-earth creationist in real life was at a geological excursion. It surprised me, because to me a creationist is one of those people you know exist but never expect to meet, like the designer of traffic signs, or an Arabic prince in exile. Though I did not freak out, I must admit I was a little annoyed. What is someone doing at a geological excursion if they are not willing to learn from it? Why would I be interested to hear that they do not believe what is being told?

  29. says

    Holms @ 23:

    I’m pretty certain this chuch has a congregation with an average age of about 60.

    You might want to watch who you’re tarring with your idiot brush. I’m 60 years old. PZ is 60 years old. Just because you make it to 60, doesn’t mean you’ve allowed your brain to atrophy over the last 20 fucking years.

    How long until you’re 60, Holms? Perhaps I’ll have the fun of still being around, and can make insulting blanket statements about you.

  30. Onamission5 says

    Technically he’s not wrong– neither my high school nor college offered courses entitled “how to logic.” This is not a class I took, nor was it made available to me.

    They did however offer many, many courses on study and application of logic such as philosophy, math, and debate, so he’s not exactly correct either.

  31. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says


    yeah, I only took predicate logic and sentence logic. Never took “how to logic”, which would seem to be a logical predicate to predicate logic, so I’m sure I’m just bamboozled by the elitist, feminist leftist indoctrination.

    @Caine: thanks for the nice catch. I’d only been spottily reading this thread and missed that one.

  32. emergence says

    Also notice how he brags about being “taught to logic” in his home. I don’t think that this guy is talking about studying epistemology or critical thinking. When he says he was “taught to logic”, he means he was indoctrinated into a narrow, inflexible worldview that, since he personally thinks it makes sense, must be logical.

    If that shouting about video games and Harry Potter is supposed to imply that atheists can’t tell reality from fiction, I’d say he’s completely lacking in self-awareness. Atheists don’t think video game storylines or Harry Potter are real. They’re just entertaining fantasy stories. On the other hand, Christian fundamentalists believe in an actual fairytale involving complex organisms being instantaneously poofed into existence out of thin air, the entire world flooding and the biosphere being preserved by loading two of every animal on Earth onto a big wooden boat, dead people coming back to life, supernatural powers like superhuman strength tied to uncut hair, etc.

    Also, is he deliberately using bad grammar colloquially, or does he really think that Logic is a verb?

  33. says

    Maybe he’s trying to talk Biblical. If your speech sounds natural, it’s not sufficiently ineffable and mysteriously holy. I expect that the reference to his home education is a kiss-up to The Old Man, who would be the silver-haired gent watching his boy ease into the family racket.

  34. KG says

    Third, I think almost everyone drinks coke in the US. – emergence@27

    That explains a lot.