Back to Moscow with me!

This Friday I’ll be speaking at Darwin on the Palouse, in Moscow, Idaho. All you Eastern Washington/Idaho people should show up, it’s free!

I’ll be talking about “On the Edge of Evolution: A Critical Evaluation”, looking at some of the hullabaloo over the last few years about a new synthesis, all that evo-devo/accommodation/epigenetics/etc. stuff, trying to put it into a more reasonable context. My message, in case you can’t make it, will be that of course in a lively and active science, we’ll be uncovering new stuff all the time, but it’s more of an evolution of evolution than a revolution of evolution, and people need to master what’s already known before announcing that it’s all wrong. It’ll be fun!


  1. wcaryk says

    So YOU’RE that “cultural Marxism” guy the three-sigmas-out alt right keeps warning us about! Damn!

  2. robro says

    Off topic, but HuffPost is reporting that Michelle Bachmann didn’t hear a call from god to run for Senate. Phew. Thank you god. (Though I’m sure there are other nut cases available.)