An animated Oglaf!

This was a surprise: Trudy Cooper has collaborated in making an animated, Oglaf-sorta short, called Perverts of Mars. It is not safe for work (It’s Sunday! Skip church for it!), but it’s not quite as raunchy as the webcomic gets. It’s also a bit weirder.


  1. unclefrogy says

    I am not sure it is weirder than some of the strips. except for being in space and futuristic and stuff.
    uncle frogy

  2. Vreejack says

    Difficult to gauge the weirdness. Is the “what’s in the box” segment to be treated separately? That was utterly random.

    It also occurs to me that “God of Lies” from Oglaf might have been a great video.

  3. davidnangle says

    Totally missing the part with the old scientist that invented the rocket; his studly protege; his demure but sassy daughter; the adorably gruff engineer from Brooklyn; the meteor/magnetic storm; going outside on the hull with magnetic boots to repair the damage; something incomprehensible about the plot regarding another galaxy; a tremendous manouvre that requires everyone making their constipation face; and the landing on Mars.