I met with my first group of new student advisees this morning. I think we’ll keep them.

Also, totally irrelevant: we’re supposed to have begun the partial eclipse here in Morris, but unfortunately the sky is a uniform sheet of light gray cloudiness — I can’t even see the sun anywhere. Maybe the moon ate it.


  1. anthrosciguy says

    In Victoria, BC, it grew dim and we went out for a walk. I hadn’t bought eclipse glasses because they were sold out by the time I looked and found out how cheap they are, but what I found fascinating and rather pretty was how the breaks in the leaves on the trees made, essentially, series of pinhole cameras, so the sidewalks under trees were covered with little semicircles of light amid the shadow. It was nice to see people out.

  2. scottbelyea says


    I presume they become “lecturees” for defined periods each week.

  3. says

    It’s kind of a darker gray outside now. Not any different than if we were expecting a thunderstorm.

    You can watch a live webcam of the eclipse from Hopkinsville, though.

    #2: No, advisees are the subset of students for whom I have advising responsibility. They may not even ever take a class from me.

  4. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    PBS is having a show on the eclipse this evening. Check your local station(s) for the time (i.e., for me, Miwaukee is 8pm cdt, and Chicago is 9pm cdt)

  5. vucodlak says

    Don’t worry about the moon eating the sun: one of my neighbors shot at it and scared it away.

    The totality just passed over here. Gorgeous. Wish I’d queued up some appropriate music, but I probably wouldn’t have been able to hear it over the cicadas anyway.

  6. Mobius says

    Maybe the moon ate it.

    The Fenris Wolf ate it. Ragnarok is coming.

    Our library had a little watch party. Cool. About 90% coverage here. Yes, the leaves worked wonderfully as pinhole cameras. Someone thoughtfully brought a couple of pairs of eclipse glasses.

  7. says

    The eclipse was AWESOME! Suddenly there was a huge wind and giant clouds, the skies grew dark, and it started raining like mad. The sun was completely blotted out of the sky for almost 2 hours, and then the eclipse ended and the sun came back out and now it’s very hot and muggy.

  8. Pierce R. Butler says

    In my corner of Florida, the ‘clipse started out just as it was s’pozed to, then clouded over… I went out to the yard with my two little pieces of cardboard on general principles a minute before the maximum occultage, and a (gauzy) hole opened in the skies just long enough for me to eyeball the sliver of light and enjoy the array of crescents under the trees. (Waiting for reports of Muslim pareidolia now.)

    More than a little anomalous to go scoping out astronomical phenomena while rain fell on me.

  9. pipefighter says

    Only about 70% up here in redwater alberta. The whole project slowed to a crawl ( there are about three or four thousand on site) and the welding sea can was raided for lenses. I put a couple number nines together and the flat earther in the other office used a number twelve. It was quite a view.