Roger Waters was in fine form last night — nonstop passion and fury, with a side of spacey weirdness, just as I like it. A lot of the concert was a nostalgia ride, though: he opened with “Breathe”, and then “One of these days” and “Time”, all with a phenomenal light and video show. He hooked us good. Then he followed up with subversion. “Pigs (three different ones)” was shaped to focus entirely on Donald Trump, and it fit him perfectly despite having been written in 1976. I think Roger Waters is officially my grim prophet of anomie.

He also performed songs from his new album. I noticed that some in the audience were there only for the 30 year old songs and chose those moments to annoy the rest of us by getting up and going to the lobby for a $10 can of ‘cheap’ beer, but those were some of the most intense moments. Sure, the old songs still fit our current situation, but in the new ones he’s howling about the modern specifics; leaders with no fucking brains at all, war, refugees, indifference, accompanied by images of horror blown up into psychedelic abstractions.

The whole evening was beautiful and unsettling. It was art.


  1. Andrew David says

    I noticed that some in the audience were there only for the 30 year old songs…

    <pedant>The 30 year old songs are probably too new. He left Pink Floyd in 1985. </pedant>

  2. says

    I don’t get it. You pay a lot of money to see an artist play and as soon as a more quiet song starts, you get up and choose to stand in line to get food and beer. Of course later on when you finished your beer, you’ll have to get up again and to go to the bathroom. I’m more like, I have paid good money for this, I’d better see the whole show.

  3. torgo says

    Sounds like a good performance. I’ve been to two shows this year with bands that have been around forever. Iron Maiden in a big stadium style venue but the beers were $14 and The Crazy World of Arthur Brown in a smaller setting. Both were very fun for different reasons.

  4. rietpluim says

    Sus Union called. They urgently requested not to compare Trump to their genus anymore. They think it’s offending them. I agree.

  5. shadow says

    I annoy my RWNJ relatives with the link to Waters’ performance in Zocolo Square (10/1/2016) to 300,000 fans and he’s performing Pigs (3 different ones). — to a bigger audience that the dumpster’s coronation.