There’s some kind of weird theme here

I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Barry Deutsch:

Clementine Ford:

You can be told 20 days in row that you should be raped and sodomised and beaten and strung up and thrown out and taught a lesson, but if on the 21st day you turn around and make a joke about firing men into the sun using a cannon, you are a scold who hates men and is teaching her son that he’s a rapist.

I think I benefit from all this. I’ve got obsessed lunatics who’ve been hating on me for a decade, who have forums that are all about how evil/stupid/whipped I am, who still try to leave comments here despite the filters in place, but all it takes is one uppity woman to immediately distract them.


  1. Alt-X says

    Haha great comic.
    Stay strong PZ, there’s a lot of us that respect the hell out of you!

  2. latsot says


    That’s true. But I can’t help but feel you might have missed PZ’s point by several AU.

  3. Siobhan says

    I only called mine garbage fires, not garbage humans. I’ll be awaiting my Medal of Honour.

  4. blf says

    I’ve got obsessed lunatics […] who have forums that are all about how evil/stupid/whipped I am […]

    Whipped? That sounds more like something the loonies fantasize about doing to whicked poopyhead…

  5. Infophile says

    @6 jackthesealion:

    He’s the one who keeps pointing all these vicious people in her direction and does nothing to stop them. If I point an active fire hose at someone, I don’t get to claim innocence and blame the water for knocking them over, and Sargon doesn’t get to claim innocence for pointing a rabid mob at Anita Sarkeesian.

  6. rietpluim says

    Waiting for somebody like Jessie Foster to come up and tell us how bad it is to call somebody “garbage human”.

    At least “garbage human” acknowledges their humanity.