1. shadow says

    Above an to the right, with a tentacle not quite touching the outstretched one from the left.

  2. Ray, rude-ass yankee, Bugblatting Flibbertigibbet says

    Maybe we should paint it on the ceiling?

  3. blf says

    Maybe we should paint it on the ceiling?

    The mildly deranged penguin proposes nailing the actual critters to the ceiling. This has many benefits: LOUD screams; Flailing tentacles; Flailing pasta; Tasty dripping sauce; and both Calamari and Cheese within easy reach. The only drawback, she says, is you’d have to keep nailing up new specimens every few minutes. And the flailing things might knock over the vin — sadly, nailing the drinks to the floor has other problems. Perhaps a fountain can be installed to provide a pool, and gentle spray, of refreshment? Bring your own straw.