The new Leeeeroy Jenkins

One of the dudebro organizers of the Fyre Festival, on being told there was no way they were going to pull it off short of spending $50 million:

Let’s just do it and be legends, man.

If that isn’t enough absurdity for you, you can read a personal account from an attendee.

I’m beginning to wonder if this was a trial run for the revolution. No tumbrels, no guillotines this time — we just advertise on Instagram for a party with supermodels in some exotic location, charge the rich for their own transportation, and drop ’em off in a tarpit somewhere. Fyre Festival was the ‘B’ Ark.


  1. kevinv says

    This is how I pictured “Going Galt” ending up. Everybody entitled, nobody to do the work.

  2. says

    we just advertise on Instagram for a party with supermodels in some exotic location

    …. outside of the border. Then add terrorist watchlist alerts for all of the attendees’ names you could get, and watch the madness that ensues.

    Alternatively: “Welcome to skull island. Here you will be as well-fed and comfortable as you can make yourself, by preying on eachother.” Battle Royale de Instagram meets Facebook Survivor.

  3. Matt Cramp says

    I’d hope the revolution would have a more solid plan than just baiting a self-selecting portion of the idle rich into a trap.

  4. says

    I say the people who booked Fyrefestival got exactly what they asked for: a once in a lifetime event that was special not because of what it offered (really, 12k for seeing Blink 182?), but because it was expensive as fuck.
    Like that 1000$ app that did nothing but display a diamond, showing that you are rich enough to spend 1k on basically nothing.

  5. unclefrogy says

    I’m surprised that the “event” was not a Trump event.

    There is a reason that it is usually the less well-off that are the usual victims of these kind of swindles it is called lawyers and I am sure that there are some very busy ones working on this right now.
    uncle frogy

  6. Nemo says

    I never even heard about this event until I heard about its failure. Is it just me?