Celeb uses “celeb” as an insult

@WilliamShatner is, by definition a celebrity and nothing else. He’s an actor with a terrible reputation as an actor — he’s the hammiest of the hammy. It’s not as if he has any other qualifications. But now he’s dismissing a ‘celeb’ oncologist.

Oh, yeah, a celebrity doc!

The ‘celebrity’ doc is … Orac, aka David Gorski? My gosh, I know him! I’ve had a beer with him! And I failed to get his autograph!

Although, to be perfectly honest, he actually seems like a fairly normal person, a working M.D. with a brain he exercises on his blogs. If I run into him, I doubt that I’ll go all starry-eyed…although I have to admit, getting hated by Captain Kirk is kind of an accomplishment, if not quite as impressive as earning a professional degree and working to save lives every day.

Shatner, though, is acting like a world-class dumbass. Oh, excuse me, I said “acting” — I mean, “being”, because what he does doesn’t exactly warrant recognition as acting. It is kind of amusing that he thinks accusing someone of being a celebrity is deprecatory, and that he derides a real doctor by citing Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger”, as a source.


  1. Kimberly Dick says

    Really doesn’t surprise me. My understanding is that Shatner has always been a rather extreme example of cranial-rectal inversion.

  2. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Shat has misfired so often, yet I’ve still allowed it, marginally. To fire at Orac, however, is one too many. Shat has shat the bed. All his performances so live up to qualifying for his nickname of “shat”, this is too much. Regardless of the fact he can;t hear me, I will sit here booing Shat for denigrating Orac, my model of reason.

    Did I correctly infer that Shat is also an anti-vaxxer loony? news to me, still more shat for him.
    And I just saw on FB an article with the headline that he also severely insulted people with autism. Didn;t read the article out of a sense of empathy for them.

    Fvckin A.


  3. Rob Grigjanis says

    He’s an actor with a terrible reputation as an actor — he’s the hammiest of the hammy.

    A tired old trope built on lame impersonations by second-rate comics, and his own milking of that reputation. I’m no fan, but he could act when it was called for. Star Trek didn’t call for good acting from anyone.

  4. wzrd1 says

    Interestingly, Dr Gorski referred to himself as a “micro-celebrity”, not a celebrity.
    Unlike Mr Shatner, Dr Gorski and I have had some correspondence, which was quite pleasant.

    Out of reviewing some of the output from Shatner and review of some of his Twaddle exchanges and have long been a regular reader of Orac’s blog (alas, even I run into time constraints that cause me to not get to read his mainstream, monikerless blog), I’ll stick with the good doctor’s judgment. Shatner’s proved that he has less than no critical thinking skills, let along recognizing the difference between signal and noise.

  5. anbheal says

    OK, what I don’t get is why anyone considers this the least bit interesting or controversial. It’s like Jenny McCarthy, terrible actress, hasn’t been relevant in twenty years, saying ciproflaxen gives you herpes. Yawn. Except for a reasonably amusing few years on Boston Legal with Jim Spader, playing a drunken fool that probably required precious few acting chops, and a nice appearance in Judgment At Nuremberg before he started shaving, Shatner has always been considered a silly man. So if Katherine Hepburn had said “I’ve been to Area 57, and seen the frozen aliens”, or Paul Newman had said “the CIA invented AIDS”, or Tom Hanks now appeared on talkshow after talkshow claiming that he actually witnessed Hillary Clinton murder Vince Foster, it might be blogworthy. A senile Captain Kirk, 50 years after his ripely ridiculous corseted stint on a failed (and absurdly overrated) network sci-fi programme, spouting medical nonsense? Is this really relevant to the price of pigs in China?

  6. bonzaikitten says

    I suspect he is using “celeb” not as the insult, but is implying that Dr Gorski is not a celeb, (unlike his special self). So yeah, arrogant, but he’s pretty famous for that.

    That said, I will love Star Trek until I die, and will never stop shipping Kirk and Spock. An actor being an arrogant twit does not suddenly mean they are a failed actor or the shows they were on are magically worthless. He is certainly capable of good acting, such as in The Brothers Karamazov, if not all (okay, most) of ST, he’s just also obviously so far up himself he needs a map and compass to ever find a way back.

  7. says

    As a longtime Star Trek fan (each series has its charms and deficits) I would say very few fans give Shatner any credibility outside of the narrow skill of “playing Captain Kirk” at which he excelled. But it is interesting (and funny) inside the circle of people who are regular readers of this blog and Respectful Insolence, so this is the perfect place to mention it.

    Now, the president being an anti-vaxxer? That’s relevant everywhere. And terrifying.