Yay! I’m on the Professor Watch List!

They did it! I’ve made it on to the list! I feel so appreciated.

The entry is all about my contempt for that racist rag, the Morris NorthStar, an organization that really doesn’t like me…and I’d feel like I wasn’t being a responsible human being if I hadn’t made them angry. I’ve also heard a rumor that their next issue is going to feature an article that accuses me of rape — another empty set of lies built around the dishonesty of the slymers, Michael Nugent, and Mike Cernovich, which tells you something about the quality of their reporting.


  1. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Well done

  2. says

    All you need do now is quaff* some champers in celebration, and you’ll be a fully integrated member of the Liberal Elite™.

    Not sip, imbibe, ingest or drink; quaff. The liberal elite are always described as “champagne-quaffing.” I have no idea why.

  3. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Just like Nixon’s enemies list it’s a badge of honor.
    the bolded phrase doesn’t need the (stricken) introductory phrase. no disrespect to the original@8, just spouting more kudos.(?) [necessary punctuation to close an assertion]
    The list reads like an honors list, ( iff [if and only if] you overlook the intro page). I guess by leaving out excerpts of the NorthStar rag, the uninformed can draw a false conclusion. gee whodathunk.

  4. terminus says

    I propose flooding their website with reports of the fictitious professor “Dr. Intolerantia Fasces”…aka Donald Trump.

  5. phlo says

    But in the right wingers’ parallel universe, decent men get accused of rape all the time. So no big deal, I guess.

  6. DonDueed says

    If they really accuse you of rape, that’s your opportunity to sue the pants off them and get them shut down for good. (Literally, for good.)

  7. says

    Unfortunately, I’m also liberal in what I allow others to say about me…and that claim is so devoid of evidence, so built upon nothing but malice, that it isn’t at all credible.

    I also don’t believe in being an annoying asshole by suing people who haven’t done me any real harm, but who only think they’ve hurt my feelings. Fuck ’em.

  8. zenlike says

    But this story doesn’t qualify you to be on the list!

    The mission of Professor Watchlist is to expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.

    Neither of those things you did, or at least, your entry doesn’t indicate you did any of those things.

    Wait, what am I thinking, we are talking a right wingers here. Nevermind, I tried to use logic, which I shouldn’t have done.

  9. ck, the Irate Lump says

    I worry about these types of enemy lists in the age of Trump. The Red Caps could start using things like this as a literal hit list.

  10. wsierichs says

    You’re giving me professor-envy, PZ. I coulda stayed in college if I’d wanted and gotten a PhD and become one of the 90%ers, but I hadda go out into the “real world” and get a “real job,” rather than indoctrinating students with all that lefty stuff like liberal history, liberal science and other types of reality. I’m too old to go back to school now, so I’ll just have to sit here stewing that I’ll never be on the Professor Watch List.
    Wait! I know! I’ll publicly say something truthful about Trump, he will publicly tweet insults about me for pointing out how nasty he is, his followers will barrage me in tweets (good thing I’m not on Twitter, but that’s irrelevant here), and I’ll end up on right-wingers’ lists of enemies of the … Uh, some of those people like to use guns. I, uh, think, uh, I’ll just mutter under my breath about some nameless Orange Orc and tell myself in the dark of night that, “I coulda been a contenda for Professor Watch List.”

  11. terminus says

    “Intolerantia Faeces>”

    As I’m sure you understand, I was referring to the “Intolerant Fascist” – Donald Trump…but I think I like the “Intolerant Shit” – Donald Trump, much better!!

  12. blf says

    Poopyhead only made teh list because he stuck out his tongue at the local facist propaganda sheet and went Pffzzzzzgh! It’s that’s easy?

    It should be because he indoctrinates youngsters with the libural plague of evilution, feeding the students who resist to his mutated zebrafish breed in giant vats. And has horns, plus laser-mounted tentacles. (Well, you have to put the extra tentacles from the zebrastudent mutants someplace…) He’s even known to eat peas! That’s dangerous.

  13. archangelospumoni says

    Nixon had his enemies list.
    Maestro Leonard Bernstein noted that he was NOT on the list.
    REQUESTED he be put on the list.
    Nixon’s people duly put Leonard Bernstein on the list. Proves the Supreme Being has a sense o’ humor.

    QED–you are joining an exalted group!

  14. says

    Ugh, whoever designed that website should be put on a watch list. Using header tags to mark paragraphs, actually setting word break to “break all” (creating situations where words break nonsensically, and punctuation appearing on a different line than the preceding word), bugs in the Javascript, errors in the style sheet, a layout that looks like a free template from a site with more ads than content, a design that has about as much imagination as the waiting room of a 1950s mental hospital…. Lot’s of bad.

    If I were a high school computer teacher and this were a student project, I would give it a C-. And this is supposedly the work of college level students?

  15. Vivec says

    My school only has two people on there, and one of them is a legitimately terrible person who got repeatedly accused of sexual harassment.

    I guess my school is largely free of TEH EBIL LIBRULS