1. says

    Please remember,

    We Brits have worked tirelessly in recent months to attain the title, Laughing Stock Of The World. Saint Teresa and her heroic gutter-press allies have selflessly put their reputations aside and stooped to using tactics, not to mention headlines, copied straight out of Nazi propaganda rags in order to further this noble and patriotic effort.

    All you folks over there in the USA need to do in order to allow us to keep this title, is not vote in the bigoted, egotistical self-confessed sexual molester as president.

    Please do not let us down. We need this.

  2. magistramarla says

    We voted despite lots of hassles. I had another spinal surgery, with incisions in both the front and the back this time.
    Since the hospital and expert surgeon were six hours away, we requested mail-in ballots. Even after three requests, they never arrived.
    I recovered faster than expected, so we’re home. We had to sign lots of forms to get those mail-in ballots (wherever they are!) cancelled. I was able to vote while sitting in my wheelchair.
    Even though we’re in bright red Texas, we did our part to give Hillary some more of the popular vote and to protect our district’s excellent Democratic congressman.