Well. This is going to be a fun week.

I’m flying to China on Wednesday, and in order not to be unfair to my teaching colleague in cell biology, I’m taking on extra lab sections today and Tuesday, since he’ll be covering for me on Wednesday and Thursday. So I’m going to be working long hours for a while.

And then tomorrow night, it’s Cafe Scientifique with Yuzhi Li, who will be talking about her work on animal behavior. You should come. It’ll be at the Common Cup Coffeehouse in town at 6pm.

Immediately afterwards, I’ll be zooming off to the Twin Cities because I have an early morning flight to catch. I can rest on the plane, right?

More fun! I got to zip in and get a bunch of vaccinations this morning, and boy are my arms tired.


  1. Terska says

    Never leave your hotel without something that can serve as toilet paper. Hand sanitizer would be a good idea too.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Jet lag is not funny if you need to concentrate.
    — — — — — —
    “I can rest on the plane, right?”
    You can sleep when you are dead, like the rest of us.
    Of course, when I am on a plane I follow the example set by Dr Lecter and snack on a brain. It keeps the decomposition at bay

  3. Silver Fox says

    Don’t breathe the air, don’t eat anything from their waters or their soil. Otherwise, you’ll be just fine.

  4. says

    Whoa. I’ve got eleventy-seven straight hours of teaching ahead of me, and these vaccinations have given me a mild fever and I’m feeling a bit wobbly. This is going to be great fun.

  5. says

    Never leave your hotel without something that can serve as toilet paper

    Those little kleenex packs are good, they also make good emergency field dressing (strip the plastic off one side and tape the whole pack over the bloody hole)

    A bible printed on thin paper is another option though the paper tears when wet. Or a small copy of the constitution will do.

  6. wzrd1 says

    Huh, most people feel woozy the following day.
    So, it came in handy that I’d feel woozy right after receiving my shots. By the next day, I was fine and able to take care of those who did need to have some attention.

    Lemme guess, you received the yellow fever vaccine as well?

  7. wzrd1 says

    The yellow fever vaccine tends to give a provoke greater of a response, with minor fever and malaise rather common (as well as a bit more soreness at the injection site).
    Or, as we said in the military, “The yellow fever sucks”, but it sucks less than contracting yellow fever.