So who’s going to Skepticon?

I’m all booked and registered for Skepticon on 11-13 November, so who all is joining me there? I am not going to be an official speaker, but I am leading a workshop on Friday at noon on how to deal with creationist misconceptions (note: I know the difference between a workshop and a lecture, so I will not be lecturing away at attendees…I have a little exercise planned where I will make you work at figuring out how to address common claims). It should be fun. And then I see that Rebecca Watson is speaking on Friday evening, so you even have a reason to show up on the first day of the con, and then if nothing else, we can kill some time together until the big show starts.

Springfield, Missouri beckons. How can you possibly spurn its siren call? Especially since pretty much all the attendees will be liberal/progressive types, and I am currently expecting that the post-election celebrations will be awesome, even for a con with a reputation for late night conversations and parties.


  1. heather says

    I will be there! Fifth year in a row. After our first time attending, my sister and I agreed that, basically, as long is it’s still happening, we will be going.

  2. blf says

    Absolutely not: It’s in the USAlienstani, therefore exceptionally dangerous. If the copsgoons don’t kill you (assuming you can get pass the feckers at the borders), the NRA mcshooty mcshooters will. No fecking way.

  3. says

    Even though I’m finally starting to go to atheist cons, I won’t be able to make it to Skepticon. Mostly it’s because my atheist con budget is limited. One day, though, I will be there!

  4. says

    It’s a whole lot of fun. Something going on for just about everyone.

    They keep moving it further away from me* over the years, like some sort of hint, but I’ll definitely be there yet again.

    * It started near the center of town and has drifted north and east while I live on the southwest corner of town.

  5. James Hammond says

    @Trav – Did we mention that Skepticon is free(!), and so are the high-fives? You’ll have travel expenses, so it may still not fit in your budget (believe me, the organizers know about tight budgets), but we think it gives you the best con experience for your $$.

    If you can’t make it, be sure to check out the free livestream of all main stage talks and panels. The link will be on the Skepticon home page during the conference.