I just thought I’d mention that Convergence is coming up — I’ll be there the whole weekend and will be having a grand time. We usually go with the whole family, but this year we’re scattered and we’re just coming off an expensive reunion/wedding in Korea, so it’ll just be me and my son Alaric.

I’ve also just now learned that there will be another NerdCon in October. I went to the one last fall, and it was excellent — a very writerly sort of event, all about getting those creative juices bubbling. I’ll probably go to that, too.

If you see me, say hello! I’m always happy to meet you all.

As long as I’m planning ahead, how could I forget to mention Skepticon in November?


  1. michaelvieths says

    I’ll be there, but probably fried before I even walk in the door. Twin Cities Pride is the weekend before, and I’m closing on a house that Tuesday.