Yesterday, we saw this big green area, Apsan Park, on the map, and it was in walking distance…so we started walking. And then we discovered that the flat oval on the map was actually a mountain. A mountain in the middle of the city. So we gave up and went back to our hotel.

But today, we got a cab and got driven up to the cable car that takes you to the top, so that’s what we did.


You can see the city from the top, but it was a bit hazy this morning.


There are trees.


Love locks.



  1. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Hazy city and trees I understand. Did they explain the love locks? There are some that are singles, and others where two or possibly more are attached.

  2. John Morales says


    Hazy city and trees I understand. Did they explain the love


    De fashion non est disputandum.

    (Fads are faddish, and wasting resources is not usually relevant to those who indulge in fads)

  3. chigau (違う) says

    I have missed you, John Morales.
    How’s things?
    I googled ‘love locks’.
    Never heard of such a thing.
    I found several sites that will make custom love locks but none of them seem willing to make me one that says: fuck with my luggage and die.
    Why not?
    It’s just a lock. I could use it anywhere, right?

  4. John Morales says

    Hey chigau. Older and wiser, I am. Gentler, I hope.

    I still read this place — just not obsessively.

    re the locks, I myself Googled it years ago, when I saw a news story about a bridge in Paris being endangered.

  5. Athywren - not the moon you're looking for says

    1) Yay pictures! \o/
    2) With an understanding that extends no farther than having seen a picture and hearing the words, I really like the idea of love locks.
    No, I’m not crying, that’s just the sap coming out.

  6. Mobius says

    LOL. When I first saw the title I read “Aspen” and thought, “But isn’t he in Korea?”

    Beautiful mountain.

  7. says

    The only time I’ve seen the love lock thing was when I worked in Poland and there was a bridge covered with them. Basically when you have found your one true love you take your padlock, which can be properly engraved or written on with a permanent marker, and then lock it to the bridge. Next, both if you together throw the key into the river below thus sealing the token of your love to one another forever (for some value of forever) as no one can undo the lock.

    It’s kind of romantic but as John at #4 said the sheer number can eventually cause issues