Friday Cephalopod: MBARI has a Vampyroteuthis on exhibit?

All right, I definitely want to go there.


It also looks as though MBARI has a multi-barrel squid-sucker, according to this video.

I want one!


  1. Karen Locke says

    It’s the Monterey Bay Aquarium that has the exhibit. For readers who aren’t familiar with the place, it’s a fantastic aquarium, well worth a day trip if you’re in central California or the San Francisco Bay Area. MBARI is the research arm of the aquarium, and they’re somewhat disconnected (though obviously they do collaborate).

  2. magistramarla says

    I lived in the Monterey area for 3 1/2 years. I loved visiting the Aquarium. One of the joys of being a local was the fact that there were “locals days” which were free if you showed a utility bill with a local address.
    I also attended a few cocktail parties there, as well as a few trips to show off the aquarium to visiting friends and family.
    It is one of those places that never gets old.

  3. phere says

    OMG! I’m only a few hours away from MBA. I got to go several years ago when they had the baby great white shark on exhibit – later to be successfully released. The thing was so fricking cute- baby fat and everything. But it had that presence and shape that spoke to the primal part of me….and the other fish. EVERYTHING GTFO of the way of this menacing baby. It was quite spectacular to behold. Being that I am interested in cephalopods as well (in the layperson sense) this might warrant an adventure down south. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

  4. says

    Signal boosting for MBA: freakin’ awesome. Whenever I find myself anywhere near it, I go. Last time I was there I saw the Jellies exhibit: breathtakingly beautiful, informative, and really, really fun.

  5. briquet says

    I was just at the Monterey Bay Aquarium last week (different than MBARI, as Karen points out) and loved the Tentacles exhibit. I didn’t see the vampire squid. It’s possible I missed it but I hope I’m not that blind. I prefer to think they released it from captivity some time in the months since it was collected.

    I had assumed MBARI was a wing of the aquarium or something, it’s actually a ways up the freeway in Moss Landing. Closer to me but after getting back I looked up MBARI to see if it was open to the public. It’s not.

    You’d probably have to be a professor of biology or something to get an invite.

  6. ragdish says

    Irrational as this may be but I keep imagining one of those striking out and wrapping its tentacles on my face. And then days later a cute xenomorph bursts forth from my chest. Hopefully it will grow up to be an atheist and listen reason rather than ravage the populace…..