Is #OzsInBox getting full yet?

Check it out: America’s Quack, Dr Oz, opened the door to questions from the nation by inviting everyone to ask him stuff on the hashtag “#OzsInBox”.

I think we can safely say that his ‘favorites’ will be an incredibly tiny proportion of the whole, and that he won’t be promoting this hashtag on his show.


  1. consciousness razor says

    I wouldn’t feel so safe about your predictions. Most of the people who waste their time tweeting at him won’t be his alt-med sycophants? And the tiny proportion part I get, but even if there’s a lot of criticism on twitter (you know, the substantive stuff twitter is so famous for, which he just couldn’t handle), you don’t think he’ll highlight his cherry-picked favorites on his show but instead shove it all under the rug like it never happened? I mean, come on, he’s never even been that honest before….

  2. Matrim says

    It’s as if publicists don’t understand social media at all. This is almost as bad as a couple days ago when Bill Cosby’s PR folks invited Twitter to use a Bill Cosby meme generator to “meme Cosby” less than 3 weeks after Cosby’s multiple rape allegations became trending topics.

  3. dannysichel says

    Matrim@2 — oh, this isn’t the first time he’s done it. He’s been running “OzsInbox” since at least August 2013. Only difference is that this time, the wrong audience found out about it.

  4. John Horstman says


    The last week has actually made me consider getting the Twitters a couple of times. If famous terrible people keep begging for pro-social trolling, I might finally be convinced.

  5. Saad says

    Jeff S, #6

    If you want to rage quit Dr Oz, just watch his segment on Homeopathy.

    Oh my fucking…

    You were right. I did rage quit.

    What a downright fraud. I have family members who actually fall for this shit and recommend this stuff to equally gullible people for diseases of all kinds. A famous face in medicine vouching for this nonsense is inexcusable.

  6. steve78b says

    IF homeopathy worked then wouldn’t just drinking any water from anywhere on the planet cure every single ill?

    Water has been in contact with everything since the earth formed. Or is it like prayer?

    I think it is like prayer. Magical cures for the weak minded non thinking humans.