1. magistramarla says

    Squee! The Monterey Bay!
    Now I’m homesick again. I would so rather be in Monterey than in awful Texas.

  2. Denverly says

    My favorite aquarium. I’ve seen all the juvenile white sharks they have had there. So freaking beautiful.

  3. opposablethumbs says

    Beautiful, tasteful and seasonal. Thank you, PZ – and a happy Halloween to you and yours too, and of course to the Horde.

  4. dreikin says

    The other cards are neat too. The viperfish looks like it came from (or inspired) Alien.

    I think you misread that. I did too, but the words aren’t in the order you think they’re in.

  5. says

    I still wonder why they are called “vampire squid from Hell”. I mean, they are nothing but. Quite harmless little beasts actually. Not even very active. Unless you are small enough to be on the menu of course.