If you liked Narbonic…

The fabulous Shaenon Garrity has drawn a steampunk version of #gamergate — here’s part 1 and part 2. Very entertaining.


  1. freemage says

    I’m pretty sure Part 1 pre-dated ‘Gamergate” as a thing unto itself, but the follow-up is an excellent demonstration of just how far… I was going to say ‘off the rails’, which is a horrible pun considering the strip itself, so I’m just going to say, ‘utterly and pathetically absurd’ the whole anti-women-in-gaming this has become.

  2. prae says

    I’m pretty sure these comics are way older than “gamergate”, maybe even by years. Not that it makes any difference, people haven’t changed since then. *sigh* sometimes I’m really glad I’m not a woman…

  3. says

    That. Was. Magnificent.

    This cartoonatrix has outdone her fair gender by thunderous, Grand National-worthy leaps, in the production of this humourous assemblage of pictorial japery. Er, not to imply that there is anything horsey about the dear lady, far from it, in fact her figure and shapely ankles give me strange feelings in my unmentionables, so of course her ideas must also be fair, that is simply Science as we know it.

    Yrs ob’ly
    Staunton J Tittlesworth-Cholmondeley, Esq.

  4. JCfromNC says

    @tbtabby; Those were interesting cartoons, but holy hell, that was a vile site. I made the mistake of perusing some of his other entries there and now I feel soiled.

  5. Usernames! ☞ ♭ says

    I’m pretty sure these comics are way older than “gamergate”, maybe even by years. — prae (#12)

    I’m pretty sure you’re wrong. You know, what with “Reverent Tundergation’s” revival and such.

  6. hyrax, Social Justice Dual-Class Wizard/Bard says

    No, these are definitely older than GamerGate. A quick google (which is all I have time to do right now, as I’m at work) shows the earliest mentions of this comic in Feb. 2014. It references the Penny Arcade “dickwolves” debacle, but otherwise it’s depressing how much the narrative fits with this newest wave of anti-woman harassment. Really, that should be the GamerGate motto: Same Shit, Different Day Hashtag.

  7. hyrax, Social Justice Dual-Class Wizard/Bard says

    …. Erp! Looks like we’re all correct. Part 1 is from February, Part 2 is a sequel directly referencing GamerGate.
    Also, I messed up my html in the last comment. The GamerGate slogan should be Same Shit, Different Day Hashtag.

  8. kaleberg says

    I loved Narbonic.

    These strips seem right on target. The problem is that they’ve been right on target for over a hundred years now.