1. Dick the Damned says

    Due to time pressure, I didn’t read it yesterday. But i’m pretty darn sure, whatever it says, they’ll still believe that it’s all Dasani’s own fault. Or maybe his parents’ fault. Why else wouldn’t their Bible Bogey have smiled upon him?

  2. unbound says

    I hope some Republicans read it, just to realize that their policies harm real human beings.

    Let’s be honest, conservatives don’t really care about the poor. They have a huge pack of rationalizations as to why it was all their fault or their parents fault (so they should suffer by proxy).

    The conservative Christians don’t even understand what the term “Christian” even means (hint for them: it means follower of Jesus Christ) and don’t have a clue as to what their messiah’s primary messages were.

    Yes, I understand that there really are some conservatives and some conservative Christians out there who think they are doing good things. But your silent support of the majority of conservatives and conservative Christians who have zero empathy for others and lack humanity overall means that you really aren’t good people at the end of the day. Open your eyes and look at the human beings around you that have as much right to life as you do (it starts with birth, it doesn’t end after birth) but were simply born without your advantages or lack the skills to excel in this dog-eat-dog capitalist ideal that fools think is the closest thing to heaven on earth. Read your gospels from end-to-end and think about the primary messages your messiah gave you, not cherry-picked elements to make yourself feel better.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

  3. Nathair says

    the majority of conservatives and conservative Christians who have zero empathy for Others


  4. proterozoic says

    There are plenty of Republicans that did read it and left comments on the article. They all go something like “this is what happens under failed liberal policies.”

  5. Rey Fox says

    And I’m sure they all had very thorough explanations of what those liberal policies are and how they led to what happened.

  6. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    Yeah, Tony!, pass it over. I’ve had not much to contribute to this, but I’ll be sure to be here if the glibertarians show up.

    Hell, if they’re sexist glibertarians, I might even give a shout to Max Dick McMacho.

  7. draconius says

    That’s what happens with liberal policy! If Republicans were in charge, the money would just trinkle right into the that homeless kid’s hands… even though it was their fault for being poor! Sorry kid, if you hadn’t made those bad personal decisions you made, such as being born poor, you would’ve been living the good life!

    See, I inherited my wealth (only about $678 million) and then invested money in Wal-Mart back when it was still young and Sam Walton still ran the place. Now I’m a near billionaire! I think this is sure-fire proof that, through hard work, anyone can succeed!