1. Acolyte of Sagan says

    Serious question ( a first from me); why do I see ten limbs? Or is it a V8 model with eight tentacles and twin exhausts?

  2. jaytheostrich says

    Who needs bling when you look like bling, huh?
    Agent of Sagan: Cuttlefish like squid have 8 arms and 2 grabbing feeding tentacles. Total 10.

  3. Porsupah says

    I admit that I feel rather uncomfortable with this use of a photograph that’s evidently the result of some extreme persistence, talent, and expense, yet only ascribed to the Daily Mail.

    Even if that were a worthy publication, should this be a conduit for sending traffic its way? Less still, ignoring the photographer responsible – and the costs in wildlife photography can be quite substantial, even without venturing into the water. Please, let’s have some consideration for the people who make such wonderful imagery possible.

  4. Crudely Wrott says

    Porsupah and anyone who wants a treat, the article linked to gives some very nice information about Todd Bretl, the award winning photographer who snapped this and more pictures featured in the Daily Mail piece. His childhood on a boat in Bermuda makes me more than a little envious. Imagine growing up with such marvelous creatures just a snorkel dive away!

    There is also a link to his website. Go there. Really. You need to.