These cancers aren’t curing themselves! Nurse, more radioactive lead atoms on whirling rays of light!

This guy, Ramachandran Lyer, has been spamming my email pretty much nonstop today. He’s very excited, I guess — he thinks he has discovered a cure for cancer. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Radioactive lead can cure Cancer- Mechanism: My view

The human body is made of atoms. Every cell, in Skin, bone, nerves, veins is the compound of various atoms. The deficiency of a particular mineral will result in diseases. For example iron deficiency results in thrombasthenia, hemophilia and anemic.

Not so fast! This is an amazing preface. So the justification for your treatment begins with the fact that we’re made of atoms? Oh my god, that’s true! I can’t argue with that at all!

And yes, mineral deficiencies can cause health problems! Ramachandran is like an oracle speaking nothing but truth — sweet incontestable truth. This has been established in his very first paragraph.

For curing this we are injecting blood and platelet. The blood transfusion, if often carried out will weaken the walls of veins and lungs. If the same iron/ Hb is eaten by cancer cell, the iron cannot be replaced by more blood as the mound will suck the Hb and cancer cell grow and block the way.

Wait, curing “this”? What is the referent here? Cancer, I presume, from the title?

But we don’t cure cancer with blood transfusions. We don’t even try. Well, I suppose we try to address leukemias that way, but isn’t it more to keep the patient alive than to actually treat the cancer? I’m getting confused, Ramachandran. Your aura of infallibility is fading.

So, cancer is a mound that sucks iron away from healthy hemoglobin. OK, that’s novel. Do you know anything about cancer biology, Ramachandran? Because it’s a little bit more complicated than that.

To prevent this cancer cell from sucking the iron, we are to coat/ laminate the iron with lead, and lead cannot be sucked by the cancer mound. This lamination on Hb will stay for 2 to 3 days and comes out through motion.

Whuzza…laminate the iron with lead? Just like that? But the iron ions in hemoglobin are all bound up in this lovely heterocyclic ring — how do these lead molecules fit? How do you “laminate” the iron without disrupting its respiratory function? And what does this have to do with cancer?

The physical atom of lead or any metal cannot be broken as astral atoms.

I do not know of these astral atoms.

But if the same atom is sent in to the body as whirls of light rays, in the form of vibrations (here is a theory the air / aether carry the light rays) created by lighting herbal oil which produce/ let out lead, on heat, penetrate in to the body through skin, as ascorbic acid, forms amino acid in bile, mix with blood and laminates the haemoglobin and prevents cancer cells from sucking the iron as it’s nourishment.

I knew vibrations would have to come into play somewhere in here, but Ramachandran also tosses in aether and herbal oils! Bravo!

I guess I see how Ramachandran’s planning to laminate the iron with lead, with a kind of photonic airbrush, with whirling light rays swooshing out of burning herbal oils. That could be dramatic, but I’m not convinced that Ramachandran actually has any evidence that he can do that.

The blood that produced heat due to friction of cells will create vacuum in the blood compound/ components. This vacuum should be filled with aether immediately which has the attraction power to pull the light rays created by the oil lamp lit with herbal oils that is filled with other minerals along with lead and resins in the same herbal. This heat created by vacuum, if not filled will shrink and to adjust itself, will suck hydrogen from the blood for neutralizing and oxygen is eaten by Cancer mound, and patient needs more oxygen and water. The heat shows the blood is acidic, and we feel the increase in pH with salt water may give some relief to the patient.

OK, now that’s just crazy talk.

My dear friend Ramachandran is a graduate of the Utkal University of Culture, which does not have a medical or scientific program of any kind. I haven’t quite been able to figure out what they teach or do there, but they do have a kind of mission statement.

Culture in its essence is viewed here as ways of loving together.

Odisha has a unique distinction of acting as a confluence of diverse faiths by striking harmony amongst religious faiths from animism, fetishism, shamanism, ancestore worship to highly evolved froms of religions like Brahminism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, Chiristianity and Mahima Dharma.

Vaishnavism, Saivism, Saivism, Sakta , Ganapatya, Sour-all forms of Brahminic worship are conceived in the wonderful matrix of the great and grand cult of jagannath that embraces in its grandeur quintessences of different religions signifying world-view. The Oriya literature contained this world-view in its essence;

“Let my lie rot in hell”
But be the world saved’’ –(Bhima Bhoi)

These lines of the saint poet Bhima Bhoi express sentiments of self-sacrifice and selflessness for the well-being of the world at large. Through centuries, the state retained its cultural identity within the mainstream of pan-India culture. Odisha is a land of rich and diverse artistic achievements. Its ageless art and flourishing cultural are the products of a long historical process.Spiritual, philosophical, professional and human dimensions are merged into the process to yield finest efforts of cultural life. Against this background, Odisha Justifiable pioneered the establishment of the first ever University of culture of the country.

Well, alrighty then! They teach word salad and oogley-boogley piety. Ramachandran certainly is a fine product of his education.


  1. kieran says

    Why email you? Is it some need to be publically humiliated, it’s certainly a cheap way. Why not send this to a blog that would say well done on teaching evil corporations who are making people ill like natural news or something like that?

  2. =8)-DX says

    So basically you got a SPAM e-mail from someone trying to offload as many bottles of scented oil and lamps and little packets of lead on desperate cancer victims?

  3. Thumper; Atheist mate says

    The blood that produced heat due to friction of cells will create vacuum in the blood compound/ components. This vacuum should be filled with aether immediately…

    It would seem his solution to cancer is to inject air into your veins. I feel fairly certain that doctors everywhere would disagree with his plan.

  4. kevinalexander says

    I have to admit that his explanation sucks the iron about as well as some I’ve heard but I’m still not convinced since he hasn’t explained medichlorians.
    Unless, of course, they’re whirling around there somewhere and I missed them.

  5. DBP says

    I found an explanation of astral atoms.

    Astral atoms, whether of trees, plants, animals, or human beings, must not be confounded with the true spirit or soul-clothing atoms which constitute the real spirit world and its inhabitants. Astrals of every kind are the intermediate degree of materiality between the gross matter of earth and the more etherealized matter of the spirit world, and we talk of a soul clothed in its astral envelope to express that earth-bound condition in which it is too refined or immaterial for earth existence, and too grossly clad to ascend into the spirit world of the higher spheres, or to descend to those of the lower.

    It’s so obvious when they put it that way.

  6. DBP says

    Oh neato. I found an old timey explanation that astral atoms could very well be electrons and with the discovery of the electron physicists have discovered the astral plane and “all manifestations of electricity are astro-physical phenomena. “

  7. kevinalexander says

    Don’t forget, astral atoms used whirlybird rays of light to take awesome pictures of Yosemite Park.

  8. says

    Might I suggest zinc-coating* instead of lead. It’s harder-wearing, looks much prettier under the microscope, and if the cancer-cure business doesn’t pan out, he has a career in bucket-making to fall back on.

    *A process invented by Luigi Galvani of Calaveras County.

  9. unbound says

    Teach the Controversy!! Because the greek elements (which included aether) might be the right answer!

    Do you think he was thinking tiny vacuum cleaners when he was talking about creating vacuums too? And were the vacuum cleaners Dyson or Hoover?

  10. davidjanes says

    Didn’t Astral Atoms and the Whirling Rays of Light open for the Dead in 78?

  11. kurt1 says

    But if he coats the irony atoms with lead, how will hemoglobin transport oxygen. Surely there must be more inexpensive ways to suffocate someone. If it´s the red blood cells he’s after, he should try carbon monoxide.

  12. steve oberski says

    This won’t work as Ramachandran Lyer* forgot to factor in the quantum effect.

    * Do I really need to point out the obvious ?

  13. Lofty says

    WooWooooooo! All aboard for the Astral Express! All credit cards accepted here!

  14. Johnny Vector says

    kevinalexander wins zones 1 through 10 of the monochrome internet!

    As for Mr. Ramachandran, I give him 250 milliTimeCubes.

  15. sparkomatic says

    Well, you gotta admit, injecting air into your veins would stop the cancer from growing anymore…
    PZ I have no idea how you read through some of this shit day in and day out, it makes my brain hurt

  16. machintelligence says

    He does seem to have learned the vocabulary of science without learning the meaning of the words.

  17. Marc Boudreau says

    What kind of milkshake do you put out to get all the crazies to come to your yard?

  18. robro says

    I’m cured!

    I woke up feeling tired and grumpy. Then I read this post and had a good chuckle at the knucklehead as the whirring rays of light and astral atoms passed through my aura and embraced the iron atoms in my Hb. Now I feel so much better.

    By the way, “Lyer” is an interesting last name this fellow has picked.

  19. Larry says

    The creationists better start paying attention.There’s a new contender for the batshit insane title in the room and he is hungry.

  20. borax says

    So I should mix leaded gasoline (which is hard to find anymore) with olive oil and rosemary and then burn that in an oil lamp? And then, somehow the light creates a vacuum that cures cancer? I’m confused.

  21. Sastra says

    Now look, the details here don’t matter — this guy is clearly expressing sentiments of self-sacrifice and selflessness for the well-being of the world at large. Can materialist scientists say the same? No, they can’t: they leave out the spiritual dimension. This cure for cancer must therefore be judged within a different paradigm, a higher, better, more advanced one which uses higher, better, more advanced physics (metaphysics.)

    You all need to keep in mind that “healing” can take place on many levels, including levels which those of us stuck in the limited physical world of illusion can’t access. Open your hearts and see with the inner eye (higher, better, more advanced biology, too.)

    While Ramachandran Lyer may, or may not, be literally insane, he’s pushing a lot of very appealing buttons. I bet he can gather a lot of gullible open-minded followers who aren’t afraid to exceed their level of competence think outside the box.

  22. says

    Man, I am so jealous of PZM. All I get in my spam box are word-salad attempts to convince me that horny “sole girls” want to meet me.
    Took me a while to realize they meant “single girls”.

  23. wcorvi says

    Unfortunately there ARE no radioactive isotopes of lead. Well, there are a bunch that have extremely short half-lives, gone in seconds, and there is one that has a half life of 10^18 years (lead-204), which would essentially never decay – it makes up 1.48% of lead. The vast majority, 98.52% is stable.

    Other than that, his idea would work fine!

  24. Artor says

    PZ, it was terribly informal of you to use the man’s personal name in referring to his amazing work. It is standard protocol to use the last name as a sign of respect, so I suggest an edit, swapping out Ramachandran for Liar. I mean Lyer.

  25. Dr Marcus Hill Ph.D. (arguing from his own authority) says

    Astrals of every kind are the intermediate degree of materiality between the gross matter of earth and the more etherealized matter of the spirit world

    As anyone with a proper education in these matters* will tell you, the astral is in no way an intermediate stage between the physical and the ethereal.

    *Acquired through playing D&D, naturally

  26. Amphiox says

    re @29;

    According to the link in @22, there are radioactive isotopes of lead. But they don’t occur naturally, and are by products of nuclear programs.

  27. eveningchaos says

    This guy reminds me a bit of my 70 year old landlady. She will corner me whenever possible to explain how she can astrally project herself. I explain to her that I’m a skeptic and it will take more than her assertion that she experienced this to convince me of the possibility.

    I told her of the James Randi million dollar challenge if she could just prove her ability. I proposed a sealed room with a message scrawled on a notepad she could astrally project herself into and read the message. That would be a good experiment to prove her claim. Of course, she said it doesn’t work that way. Silly me, our written language becomes hieroglyphics in the astral plane. I then proposed a unique object or an shape sealed away so she could relay the information astrally. She didn’t seem to like my scrutiny at this point. Why are the most outlandish claims always impossible to test?

    My girlfriend tells me to let her have her delusions about this woo woo. I just can’t sit back and accept a claim without getting people’s reason for believing it. And if it’s a stupid reason, I will tell them that these reasons are not sufficient for me. In closing our last conversation, I asked her to respect our privacy and not to astrally project herself into our bedroom at night. I wonder what two people making love look like on the astral plane?

  28. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    Nothing new. Van Morrison told us way back in 1969 that curing cancer would take Astral Weeks.


  29. rr says


    There is lead-210 with a half life of about 22 years. It’s a decay product of that favorite among quacks: radon.

  30. says

    @rr: Also lead-202, which has a half-life of 52,600 years and comes from polonium-206.
    But we can be fairly confident that this particular quack doesn’t have access to either of those, unless he’s been sneaking into a uranium mine.

  31. unclefrogy says

    on reading the quotes posted here I thought that this Ramachandran guy has been using a lot of his oil of the ‘erb, mahn, Jah Rastaferi and thinks he found the magic bullet but on further thought he is just another snake oil huckster.

    I’m sorry I try real hard to minimize my exposure to lead just now but I may keep the ‘erb oil in mind mahn!

    uncle frogy

  32. Azuma Hazuki says

    I’d like to hear this guy explain how, exactly, he transmutes lead from physical to spirit matter and back again by…well, burning physical matter. How, too, does he expect the “astral” lead to have an affinity for only the center iron atom of the haemoglobin molecule instead of smearing itself out over the entire thing…or, for that matter, uniformly distributing itself all over the patient’s bloodstream and causing a decidedly not-astral case of lead poisoning?

    I am somewhat conversant in the terms he mentions (astral, physical, upper-spiritual, ether, etc) and even in context this makes about as much sense as a chocolate stock pot.

  33. Richard Smith says

    “Let my lie rot in hell”
    But be the world saved’’ –(Bhima Bhoi)

    I think the words of “Bhoi” George work better…

    I’m a man without conviction,
    I’m a man who doesn’t know
    How to sell a contradiction.
    You come and go, you come and go.

    Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon,
    You come and go, you come and go.

  34. Cyranothe2nd, ladyporn afficianado says

    davidjanes @ 13

    Didn’t Astral Atoms and the Whirling Rays of Light open for the Dead in 78?

    No no no, Astral Adams was John Adams’ lesser known son.

    …ancestore worship to highly evolved froms of religions like Brahminism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, Chiristianity and Mahima Dharma.

    Who wouldn’t trust a college that misspelled four words in the second line of its mission statement? Seems legit to me.

  35. says

    I am so willing to ship him some cancer cells that he can inject in to himself, and wait until he gets ‘mound’. Then he can assess his lead ‘laminate’ and cure himself of whatever mental ailment he is possessed with.

    I also see lots of people stopped at ‘astral atoms’. I stopped at lamination on Hb…