1. redwood says

    Nice highlights of both sides’ views. I especially liked the “argument from authority” by “Kirk” and its shooting down by Charlie D. But shouldn’t we have someone more contemporary facing off with Cameron? Yeah, I can see PZ rapping in for CD.

  2. changerofbits says

    Thank you PZ and Ichthyic, just when my pursuit to extend the half life of my brain cells, by spending more time reading such fine blogs as this, had been going swimmingly, I had to click and spend an evening lost in the tube that is you…

  3. says

    What is this thing they have about bananas? is it because the poor things haven’t had sex for thousands of years?

    Anyway I’ll see their banana ( :-) ) and raise them a cocoanut, or a pineapple or any other fruit that doesn’t fit in whatever they want it to fit in.

  4. rrhain says

    @9: The claim (and I forget who Cameron was with when they made it) is that proof of “intelligent design” can be found in a simple banana. When you look at the common Cavendish banana, you will note that it has five ridges.

    And, wait for it, those ridges fit perfectly into the five grooves of your hand when you hold onto it. Proof that god meant for it to happen!

    Except when I look at my hand, I see eight (or seven) ridges, not five. When you make a circle with your thumb and forefinger, there’s the groove at the knuckle of the forefinger by the nail, the knuckle behind it, where the finger meets the palm, where the palm creases meet the knuckles at the forefinger, a crease at the base of the thumb by the palm (this might not be counted), another one corresponding to the thumb’s knuckle, the knuckle by the thumb’s nail, and where the thumb and forefinger meet.

    Maybe I’m a mutant. Ooh! That means evolution!