Around FtB

Imagine all these people in the same room. It would be a madhouse, I tell you!

  • Stephanie is cringing at some very bad acting.

  • Avicenna is inviting gays to a dating site.

  • Aron is mystified by the Texas educational system. Aren’t you?

  • Ashley is playing the ukulele.

  • Heicart doesn’t think it makes sense.

  • Hank is being operated on by a robot.

  • Ophelia is going around in circles.

  • Ed is outraged that everyone is outraged at the wrong stuff.

  • Dana is laughing at men in agony. Laughing! Oh, these feminists.

  • Greta is arguing about the harm done to atheists by prejudice.

  • Jason is mangling text on the web.

  • Reasonabledoubts is not preoccupied with sex, no sir.

  • Mano is marveling at people’s excellent gun-handling skills.

  • Darksyde is bragging about how his heart attack was bigger than yours.


  1. glodson says

    Mystified by the Texas Educational System? No, I fucking terrified by it. I am really considering delaying the finishing of my education to homeschool my daughter. I would rather her understand the basics without the insane Christian indoctrination that passes for an education here.

    I might not be smart, like at all. But I am rather confident that I can give her a better early education than the teachers who have to contend with this mess. And I believe there are many unhappy teachers here who would rather not deal with this state’s bullshit.