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I’m almost done with grading! I got 120 students and 2 classes finished up last night. Now I just have a couple of term papers for an independent study class to polish off, and then I’ll be completely through with the Fall 2012 semester. Oh, and another grant meeting this afternoon. Some other surprise will probably rear up sometime, but for now…almost freedom!

So I thought I’d take a look around and see what other people have been up to around here.

  • Physioproffe is tackling Moby Dick. He’s up to chapter 3, in which the awesome Queequeg is introduced.

  • Avicenna has just learned that Sex is Awesome.

  • Miriam has another link roundup. I cannot resist entering an infinite loop.

  • You really should read Paul Fidalgo’s account of the aftermath of an assault.

  • Aron-Ra explains his name, as well as how to pronounce it, which somehow leads to discussion of gods.

  • Taslima collects some American gun ads. It’s shocking how common and how ultimately bizarre they are.

  • Never ask Ophelia for a glass of water, if you’re a man. Wait, that’s not the right message, is it?

  • Is Jen easing her way back into the blogging biz? She has a post about how diversity is important to atheism and skepticism.

  • The Crommunist also points out that race and diversity issues ought to be an important focus for skepticism.

  • Natalie is trying to find common cause with fellow victims of the patriarchy.

  • Zinnia argues that gender is more important for children than whether you want to grow up to be a train engine.

  • Stephanie posts a wierdly entertaining rambling history of Christmas. Oh, yeah. That’s coming up.

  • The Digital Cuttlefish points out that atheists can be tactful at funerals…it’s too bad theists so rarely are.


    1. says

      I’ll be done with grading late tomorrow (or early Thursday?). Fingers crossed. And then I’ll awake to the chaos of the Xmas season and — ugh! — go shopping. (Perhaps I’ll tell the nieces and nephews I heard they were all bad and therefore won’t get them any presents.)

    2. pHred says

      Two down and now the big one left to go!

      I have promised myself chocolate if I can get done grading the on-line discussion forum. The software changed the way you grade them so that now you have to go one student at a time – click on the name wait 5 seconds for their comments to appear (now completely devoid of context so you have no idea what they are responding to unless you already read that one) then you can enter a grade wait 5 seconds for it to appear. Click on save and wait 5 seconds to go back to the list of name. Doesn’t sound so bad until you realize I have to do this with over 160 students !!! It is like getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist. ARGH!!!

      Same deal with their written submissions!

      Then I can compile the grades and give them a final grade. ARGH again !!

      Then – shopping and we are terribly late with a tree.

    3. barklikeadog says

      Went to Aron-Ra’s Blog. Can’t comment there. Wat’s up???? Is it my browser. Damn hospital internet. I work in an (ugh) Adventist Hospital. Totally stupid “believers”. Blocks everything I try to do. Any experience with Adventists? Tey are worse than Baptists. Sucks. But since I can’t comment on Aron-Ra’s blog I’ll do it here.

      Apsu plunging into his lover

      I like that conscept.

    4. pHred says

      It got slower ! This stuff is going to turn me into a Luddite – and of course we are supposed to be pushing out more 100% on-line courses, as if our students socialization / non-digital civilized behavior isn’t an issue.