I really should get one of these

It has the perfect level of snark — I could use it at the local grocery store, and it would take a few minutes for what it means to sink in…time enough for me to make my escape.


  1. Brownian says

    You could fill it with Bible verses and when challenged by a believer ask them to draw one, two, three, or four (the ‘combo’ platter), and tell you whether they think each is a good source for morality or not.

  2. Carla says

    Honestly, I was hoping for a religion as baggage-style joke. That’s more my style of snark.

  3. anuran says

    Now, now Glen. That’s like saying “The cure for cancer is no tumors.”

  4. Ichthyic says

    Early vaccination, until there’s a cure.

    +1, and add some level of quarantine on top.

  5. cartesy says

    Could easily be interpreted as “Together we can find the cure : religion”

  6. says

    Tempting, but where I live, Darwin fish get dismembered and the cars they’re attached to get keyed. I’m not quite ready to out myself in meatspace.

  7. 4004bc says

    Love it,
    Just and an “its” instead of the “the” and we are home free…
    Together we can can find its cure.
    Because we know there is a cure, most of us here are in full remission!

  8. kreativekaos says

    How about the idea of printed packages of plastic–no, RECYCLABLE– garbage bags,…as in recycling the waste product into something useful?

  9. craigrheinheimer says

    @Cartesy #9

    Ditto. The religious could easily grab one of these and take it as affirmation. Subtle humor is lost on them.

  10. ednaz says

    I love it!
    But I live in a tiny town full of ignorance.

    I still love it, though. (thumbs up)

  11. SuckPoppet says

    …time enough for me to make my escape

    You could get beaten up for such an inoffensive statement? Life must be tougher than I thought in USA-land.

    But I do see their point; beating the sense out of someone would surely make them believe …

  12. Carla says

    @SuckPoppet: The state of the USA: it never occurred to me that there is a part of the world where that is not an offensive statement to at least two-five people in any given setting. I’m fairly certain I would get fired if I brought that bag to work….

  13. sundiver says

    Here in Milwaukee I’d be a bit leery about carrying that bag into a store given that when I had atheist bumper stickers I got spit at and flipped off. Don’t think I’d want the cheeseheads to be within striking distance.

  14. mikmik says

    But I do see their point; beating the sense out of someone would surely make them believe …

    Very precisely put.