21 April is a busy day

If you aren’t attending the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism on that day, like I am, there’s another big skeptical conference going on on the other side of the country: SkeptiCal will be held in Berkeley. You’re in luck if you’re in New York or Northern California, but the rest of us will have to travel.

Next time, they ought to split the difference and hold both in some exotic place halfway in between, like, say, Morris…it’s the only way we’ll get a heroic Eugenie Scott vs. Steven Novella face-off.


  1. sundoga says

    Nuts. I’m going to be in Australia as usual – going to one of those would be a great way of celebrating my birthday!

  2. whheydt says

    Hmmm… I live less than 20 miles from Berkeley (and I’m familiar with where that hotel is…and the marina since before that hotel was built)… One minor problem on their site…I presume there’s a fee for the conference…but they don’t list prices.

    –W. H. Heydt

    Old Used Programmer

  3. magistramarla says

    Thanks PZ!
    I am in Northern CA, so I’ve bookmarked the Berkeley conference.
    I hope to see you there.

  4. CJO says

    PZ says in the post he’ll be at the Northeast conference. But I’ll be in Berkeley unless I’m out of town. Don’t really have my schedule planned that far in advance, but given that I can walk there from my house, good chance I will attend.

  5. stubby says

    PZ I am sure you could use your charms and get some big names to come to Morris. Make sure you tell them there is a Pamida right across from the hotel. If that doesn’t entice them I don’t know what will.

  6. says

    Well! For once I will be in the right place (45 minutes by mass transit from mid town NYC) at the right time and date. I “registered” with the NECSS website and it is awfully short on the details of the event. Basically it just gives the city and dates.

    Either way, I will look forward to seeing PZ there.