What have my students been thinking about lately?

I gave them an exam, that’s what. That and long boring lecturings at 8am on pattern formation in the nervous system. But otherwise, I’ve had them blogging, so we can take a peek into the brain of a typical college student and see what actually engages them.

I understand these are all the things all college students everywhere are contemplating.

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  1. Gliewmeden says

    PZ, methinks Ruth should get some extra points if she were to bring in some brain cupcakes. Yes? Yes.

  2. Gliewmeden says

    Wow… not sure what’s up with your posting time. It’s not 6:50 pm here, nor where you are either. It’s 12:53 pm now….

  3. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    I read all of the blogs and discovered yet again how ignorant I am on certain subjects.

  4. Greg P says

    The blog about porn includes the following sentence: “Our programmed brains want us to have sex with as many people as possible, especially men.”

    Tee hee. And yes, I know what the author MEANS…

  5. says

    Maybe because Porn was already in the list, but I scanned the 3rd bullet as Aquaporn before seeing the rest of the list.

    Dirty mind.

  6. BinJabreel says

    I know a lot of the college students *I* knew spent most of their time thinking about visual hallucinations, porn, Facebook, and synesthesia.

  7. says

    Actually, this is what some students think about.

    Don’t knock synesthesia. How would you like it if your chicken tasted too pointy?