Looking for some new t-shirts?

The same guy who made the Teach the Controversy shirts has a new line, Monsters of Grok, in the style of rock band t-shirts…only in this case, they’re shirts for scientists and philosophers. I admit, the Darwin shirt didn’t grab me, but I could see wearing a nice stark jangly ad for David Hume.

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  1. LMR says

    The styling on them all is funny, but the Tesla/Edison one gets my vote for having an added bit of cleverness for tying the personalities (and their famous fued) in with the particular band logo.

  2. says

    Aren’t we gonna do a list, matching them with the original bands, or is it too easy?

    Darwin – Misfits
    Sagan – Slayer
    Isaac Newton – Iron Maiden
    du Champ – the Cramps
    Van Allen – Van Halen
    Ben Franklin – Black Flag
    Feynman – ?
    Einstein – ?
    Pascal – Poison
    Hypatia – Hüsker Dü
    Tesla/Edison – AC/DC
    de Beauvoir – ?
    Curie – the Cure
    Watt – Riot?
    David Hume – Daft Punk
    Hawking – Wu Tang Clan
    Johannes Kepler – Judas Priest
    Machiavelli – Metallica
    Niels Bohr – the Doors
    Mendelev – Megadeath
    Wittgenstein – Rammstein

  3. says

    “Tesla/Edison” made me LOL — I just wish I hadn’t just taken a mouthful of tea before following that link. Ah well, call it an experiment to determine just how good this supposedly “spillproof” keyboard is.

    I’m almost surprised Ballmer never tried killing dogs with Open Source software to prove it’s more dangerous than proprietary software …..

  4. Zagloba says

    As I said when I posted this to facebook, the Ramm/Wittgenstein is epic win. And one is headed in my direction as we speak.

  5. Ragutis says

    The SlayerSagan is just plain awesome. A few others there that I dig, but I’m ordering this one NOW.

  6. Ant Allan says

    How about Schrödinger in the style of Dead or Alive (but did they even have a distinctive logo?).


  7. PlayMp1 says

    I like that they have plenty of good metal in there. Slayer, Megadeth (note: there is only one “a” in Megadeth… don’t ask why), Judas Priest, Iron Maiden… I’m glad they left out utter crap like Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot. And obviously, Sagan gets to be Slayer for being the most badass.

  8. Jem says

    These are great! All that’s missing is a PZ one.

    DuChamp tempts me in particular, I know it’d get a lot of laughs if I wore it to uni.

  9. K E Decilon says

    I like the Feynman/Foreigner one.

    I suspect they will do a booming business today.

    On a related note, can anyone tell me the story behind this image?

    …and billy lived forever

    I have asked young friends, old friends, and crazy friends. None have any idea.

    All google seems to know about is a country singer/songwriter named Billy Joe Shaver and a bad cartoon show from the early 2000s.

  10. Derek Ledbetter says

    If you want a T-shirt that celebrates Tesla without Edison, you could just get a Tesla band T-shirt.

  11. says

    K E Decilon, I think it refers to Ingmar Bergman’s movie, The Seventh Seal, in which a knight plays a game of chess with Death, in an attempt to forestall his own death. This is a modern interpretation of that, using a Gameboy™ instead of chess. Apparently, Billy is very good at it.

  12. ryk says

    K E Decilon:

    Here’s something in a similar vein:


    I’m not sure if it stemmed from The Seventh Seal, or if that was just building on something else, but I’ve some vague impression of challenging Death/ The Devil with games/contests of skill/etc. for, uh… not dying, or being lit on fire forever… or something?

  13. Midnight Rambler says

    It seems like a fairly common theme; like in “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”.

    And I just want to say, on topic: HAIL SAGAN!

  14. Scott says

    In the parking lots of Phish concerts, people often sell t-shirts featuring Phish song titles incorporated into product logos, e.g., “My Sweet One” in the logo for Sweet & Low. These shirts remind me of those. Brilliant!

  15. Caek Noms says

    If you want a T-shirt that celebrates Tesla without Edison, you could just get a Tesla band T-shirt.

    Done. I’ll not have that charleton be seen as some sort of equal to the mighty Tesla.

  16. OscarWildechild says

    Hypatia as ‘Husker Du’? EFF YES!
    Also, Pascal totally deserves to be ‘Poison’ for his half-assed wager. Too bad his name doesn’t sound more like ‘Winger’ or ‘Papa Roach’.

  17. says

    “Will Herman Cain become the first black President … that I acknowledge? I call him a dark horse because he’s an unlikely candidate who surged forward, and not because he’s … a horse.” –Stephen Colbert