Botanical Wednesday: It’s kind of like a very popular blow-up doll

These wasps are homing in on that orchid for…well, decorum forbids. Use your imagination.

(via National Geographic, which has a whole gallery of orchids)


  1. Antiochus Epiphanes says

    [meta] I created an account using register in the sidebar on the left. I can’t figure out how to put a little picture next to my name like you guys have. How do I get a little picture? [/meta]

  2. gAytheist says

    Just remember that the name “orchid” comes from the Greek word for testicle.

  3. LexAequitas says

    OT, but the ad on the left side of the main page was for CafePress, “Right Wing T-shirts and Gear”. Does this mean we still have our out-of-place advertising even in the new location?

  4. Noah the epistemic pinata says

    Does this mean we still have our out-of-place advertising even in the new location?

    I don’t see the problem with this. As I understand it, if you click on the advertising “Right Wing T-shirts and Gear” will help subsidize Pharyngula. Just don’t actually buy anything from them.

  5. Sandiseattle says

    Checking out the new digs. Seems to load okay for me and I’ve got DSL. Looking forward to TET coming over.

  6. Bjarni says

    Is this thing on?

    Just testing, and for what it’s worth the ads don’t bother me (kinda funny actually).

  7. lordshipmayhem says

    Off-topic, the ads on this site still need work. I see:
    – An ad for Ann Coulter’s book “Demonic”
    – Google ad link for “Catholic Priest Vocation”
    – Google ad link for “Regina Catholic Tours” (at least it’s clued in that my ISP is Canadian)
    – Google ad link for Christian Singles (
    – Google ad link for Catholic Writing services

    That leaves two (2) ads that are not targeting believers in invisible, impotent sky-fairies: and something in the way of a Google ad link called “Canada’s Cafe Chronicles”