Episode CCXXVI: Aliens on the brain

I’m supposed to talk about aliens, skeptically, tomorrow — the constraints of fitting some science into a mere half hour talk, though, mean that it’s actually going to be fairly narrow talk about why functional constraints don’t dictate the pattern of evolutionary solutions. But if I had a few hours, the nonsense in this video would make for an amusing subject:

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  2. Ms. Daisy Cutter says

    Hiya, thread. Did you know that followers of the FSM are a bunch of privileged bigots? And that Pastafarians are mocking Rastafarians in a racist way? And that Colander Guy is totally responsible for Muslim women being physically assaulted in public by non-Muslims, and that anti-religious jokes are just like rape jokes?

    Apparently if a group of people is oppressed, it’s never OK to mock their religious beliefs. Whoops, never mind, I’ve seen no end of xtians on Feministe whining about their precious beliefs, too. (Here’s a really special example. Aside from the usual theist touchiness, we have here the spectacle of a white Protestant chastising a Catholic Sicilian-American for “appropriating”… uh, the imagery she grew up with.)

    Anyway… /scrolls up to catch up