Selling out?

Hey, gang! You may have seen a few hints that there will be some changes around here, semi-imminently. Any interruptions in service should be brief to non-existent, but I have some concerns that if the blog goes a-wandering or falls under new management, there will be some drop-off in traffic…and some drop-off in my revenues, which wouldn’t break me — I have a day job! — but might negatively impact my payments on the secret nuclear submarine and my remote island lair. I talked to a few people this past weekend about merchandising, you know, succumbing to capitalism and peddling branded geegaws that might help with a potential shortfall.

The only catch: I don’t have anything recognizably brandable. I dabble in walls of text, which doesn’t exactly lend itself to a catchy coffee mug design. I don’t have a unique logo. I’m not known for my fashion sense. I’m at a loss to know what I could put out here.

So I’m looking for suggestions. What would be amusing and interesting? What would you wear on a t-shirt? Are there entertaining catch phrases I could slap on a widget and make a profit from? Do you want t-shirts, action figures, exotic sex toys, Pharyngula rifle-range targets (wait, no, let’s not go there — we don’t want to encourage them), coffee cups, party favors, what? Designs and ideas would be nice, because I haven’t got any. Some idea of the one thing lots of people would like to have would be useful.

Leave comments here, or perhaps an even better place would be the Pharyngula wiki, which is a growing compendium of site-specific strangeness. It might even provide some inspiration.