What next?

I’m not home yet. I’m still in Hawaii, relaxing for a bit after the Society for Developmental Biology conference. After this, though, it’s a storm of events every weekend for quite some time. Here’s my schedule:

21-24 April: Des Moines, IA, the American Atheists national convention.

29 April: Oswego NY, the SUNY Oswego Secular Student Alliance.

7 May: Kamloops, BC, Imagine No Religion conference.

13 May: Philadelphia, PA, the anti-superstition bash.

21 May: Washington, DC, Jamie Kilstein and I are setting Washington DC on fire.

28 May: Morris, MN. I’m staying home and getting some rest. You may think you see a hole in my schedule, but no! Leave me alone!

3-5 June: Dublin, Ireland, World Atheist convention.

6 June: Glasgow, Scotland, Skeptics in the Pub.

7 June: Brighton, England, Skeptics in the Pub.

8 June: London, England, Atheism UK.

Then I get a little break before a few summer events I’ll mention later. I’ve just told you what I’ll be doing every weekend for the next two months, isn’t that enough?