Danged dirty hippies!

The fine folks at Answers in Genesis are working themselves into a good lather over the fact that they were expelled from homeschool conferences for being too obnoxious and intolerant. Recall that the the Christians doing the banning are also young earth creationist/evangelical/fundamentalist crazies when you read this characterization by Nathan Ham, Ken’s son:

Some Christians today are like the hippies of 50 years ago who used the word “love” to justify their fornications and sins against the word of God. The hippie culture is often pictured as a group of drug-addicted, fornicating drunks whose catchphrase “make love, not war” gave their movement a false sense of piety.

Sir, I have known many hippies in my life, and I have greatly admired them. I resent the fact that you have such a grossly muddled idea of what being a hippie is all about to the point where you think the puckered-sphinctered, pursed-lipped, suit-wearing, dogmatic, jebus-lovin’ dingleberries of the Great Homeschool Convention’s Advisory Board are anything like hippies.