Episode CLXXXI: The most flattering song ever written

Stephen Fry is a lucky man to have someone willing to make that big an investment in him…except, well, that kind of commitment is actually common in the human species. Who would the Pharynguregulars invest a few decades of their biology to?

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  1. Ms. Daisy Cutter says

    Huh. I think my comment got eaten. Let’s try again.


    I reckon he cribbed that…

    Paula Deen’s a “she.” :) She’s come under criticism mainly for how unhealthy her recipes are. However, at least she didn’t have a hand in the infamous “Kwanzaa Cake.”

    Kev: Thanks for the FNH link. “Dark Chocolate as a Snack” makes “English Peas” look like something from Escoffier.

    Nerdette: Mike the Mad Biologist has a nice takedown of that nonsense about Planned Parenthood.

    Finally, and totally NSFW: A certain baker seems to have grasped the Pharyngulite concept of cupcakes.