Tonight! At the Twin Cities branch of the U of Minnesota!

Just a reminder that I’m making the long drive into Minneapolis after class today just so I can say I occasionally exercise my responsibilities as the faculty advisor to CASH. I’ll be one of several sitting on a panel to answer your random questions, which could be loads of fun. Stop in and say howdy or get rude with me or something. Pester those godless UM students, too.

Unfortunately, this will be a bit of a blitz for me. I’m giving an exam to my physiology students tomorrow morning at the f’.m., so I’ll have to hop in my jalopy and hurtle back home immediately afterwards.

Oh, and here’s a review of my last visit to the Twin Cities, which ended with me getting trapped in an ugly blizzard. That will not happen this time. My students would be devastated if I failed to show up to give them their test.