Third-grader ‘heals’ friends with magic, Fox News reports it as news

Below is a news clip from our local Fox station. I feel very, very sorry for Leif Reffsgaard, who is being rewarded with a lot of attention for being gullible. He’s a third grader who claims to be able to heal his friends by waving his hands around.

There is some small hope for the poor deluded kid. Here’s what he thinks about his ‘powers’.

I just think magic is really cool…I feel like I’m a wizard using the healing spell.

Maybe someday he’ll wake up to the fact that magic doesn’t work in the real world. Or maybe about the time he reaches adolescence he’ll realize that he looks awfully dorky flapping his hands like that.

There’s probably no hope for the adults in his life who are pushing this nonsense on him. And there’s probably also no hope for those credulous television announcers, but then, they do work for Fox News, so they had to be brain-damaged or desperate before they took the job, anyway.